Friday, December 5, 2008

quickie. will be gone for a week or so.

heh. i really like this pic.
call me whatever you want.
i dont fckin care.

i've been hooked onto a super cute online game lately
lost interest in everything else
tuesday was shopping with melissa
miss that dearie sooo much
bumped into a couple of high school mates
cannot be bothered. not like i care. lol
wed nite was dinner with joe.
went to parade again on thursday
bumped into suang
dulan. hmph. come ipoh also dont call me.
anyway, was shopping, dinner and yumcha with my sweethearts
paikyen, who disappeared to aussie
joann, whom i havent seen for soooo long
ciara, whom i miss dearly >.<
they were really really really sweet to suprise me with a belated birthday cake
thanks sweethearts ^.^
will upload pics as soon as i get em
today was just another lazy day hooked on gaming
was supposed to meet up with some high school mates
cannot be bothered. lazy. heh.
even forgot to do some pretty important stuff today...
diu lorr.
anyway, langkawi, here i come!!!
>.< will be away in langkawi for 3days
and i'll be having my operation on tues
wish me the best yahh. pray for me peeps.
i'll be missing for about a week
sooner if i recover fast, i hope.
but for now, more pics of me camwhoring
heh. dont scroll down if you dont wanna have an eye sore.

heh. just kidding. of course i want you guys to see my pics.


so long for now.
will be back after a week or so.
just one last slutty pic
heh. >.<


hui yee said...

is IPoh tat small...or u guys 太有缘^^
liddat also can meet..on d street leh...anyway..wish all the best for u here 1st...take good care of ur health b4 the big OP

雨银 said...

sexy pic u gt..
take k dear...