Tuesday, November 11, 2008

i fell asleep early last night
after a 2minute attempt to read my legal method notes
slept less than 1hour
until baby carried me to the bed and accidentally woke me up
i never knew i was such a light sleeper =.=''
i used to sleep like i was dead
wouldnt be awaken even if the place was burning
he started snoring two minutes later
sigh. and i was so energetic and awaken.
roger called around 1am
baby got fuckin pissed with me =(
men are really grumpy when they are asleep
especially when other men are calling mid of the night
decided not to go out drinking with roger
plopped back into bed beside the snoring pig
i fucking cannot sleep
btw, baby's complaining that i am becoming
more and more foul mouthed and vulgar
*raised eyebrow* really??
i flipped flopped twisted and turned a lot in bed
guess that kept waking him up
what was i supposed to do?? i could not sleep =(
woke him up at 2am
yeah, i am mean. but i couldnt sleep ma.
and it's not nice being awake alone when someone else is snoring away
finally woke up at 8am
fell back asleep in 2minutes
woke up again around 10am when his phone rang
it's amazing sometimes how he can answer the phone
with such enthusiasism and energy as if he has been awake for a long time
when he is actually just woke up and still yawning
he got up bed and walked out
i thought he was going to work already
when i finally woke up past noon
i saw him snoring outside on the couch
i feel bad. i really do.
he went to work around 3pm
i went back to sleep
just woke up anyway. sigh.
anyway, if elayne cannot get the prices i want at her pub
baby suggested me to celebrate in cocobanana instead
maybe it's a better option anyway considering his connections there
and of course max's influence at the place
lol. speaking of max.
he was complaining that elayne kept calling him again and again for no apparent reason
it's funny why some girls are so insecure
girls are smart to stick around the young, handsome, rich and influential like max
but so dumb to stick too much and not know that the guy hates it that way
i used to be very insecure
i guess i have grown through the years
working class adults are very different from the ah bengs outside
while ah beng's want their girls to slave around them
and stick with them all the time
older guys just want girls to be more independant and not 'farn' them all the time
this is something i really learned
i have learned to embrace being alone without feeling lonely
and the importance of my friends above 'boyfriends'
to learn to give people i love their space and freedom
and not smother them and make them feel suffocated
not to be too emotional or sensitive over little things
and yes, i have grown to be more realistic
not really materialistic, just a little more realistic about guys
ken texted me this morning
hmm.. feels good to talk to him once again
after these few cold-war months
i'm falling sick
must be too much chocolate and spicy food
i've given up on studying for legal method.
come what may
i dont fucking care.
=( just dont want to repeat the year
am waiting for him to come back from gym again
=) chiaoxx...

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