Thursday, November 13, 2008

sickly again. sigh.
why do i always get sick at the worst timings??
been sleeping for the whole noon and yet i still feel so tired and lethargic
the stupid migraine hitting me again. grrr...
btw, piggymelon if u're reading this,
where are you?? thought you back from aussie already??

been doing quite some online shopping these days =)
found my perfect dress for the big occasion already.
*all smiles*
gonna pick it up on fri at sunway
am so excited !!!
hope it does look as good as it is in pictures =)

i am so not motivated to study
sigh. why am i like this??
someone knock me out of my dont-care attitute please.
i cannot NOT procrastinate. seriously.
this whole laziness issue is a part of me already.
it's me!
this time i'm not even procrastinating. i am not studying AT ALL
looking at the amount of stuff i was supposed to read
... ...
sigh. what difference does it make even if i study them now?
seriously hope that i got good marks for my assignment marks which carry 60% out of my overrall marks
so that even if i get 2marks out of 40 for my finals,
i can still pass the stupid subject.
i question myself
do i really wanna be a law graduate??
what does it prove anyway??
is it really what i want??
is it really my key to the life i want?
for now, i doubt it is.
ran through my old blog
i seriously have changed through the years =)
most obvious one is my attitute towards love and life
i have learned to take life less seriously
might not totally be a good thing
but neither is it bad =)
bed's calling >.<

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