Monday, November 24, 2008

just a really short update

am feeling so sickly and lethargic right now
probably due to my period
god knows why it hurts so much
probably because of it's irregularity
anyway, went to the surgeon today
confirmed my operation date on the 9th december
he wanted to fix my op date on this thursday as of 27 nov
but because mum had family vacation plans for the 6th dec
dont think i can heal that fast
mum wanted to push the operation to may 2009 =.=''
i just want to get done and over with it as soon as possible
i dont fuckin care about what people would say
or what would be on other people's minds when i go back after the long break
the date was pushed to the 9th dec
i might be warded for around 1week
it might take me at least two weeks to heal
and within that two weeks i shall be confined to the boundaries of my home
dont think i can make it back to kl for christmas
(am keeping my fingers crossed though)
slept the whole afternoon after my bloodtest
seriously, my body is deteriorating
am feeling so weak right now
at least i didnt faint =.=''
i guess i have become more and more immune to injections and needles
i used to faint everytime i have an injection or bloodtest =.=''
am looking forward to the operation actually
it is confirmed and i hope to get support from people who care about me
please dont try to talk me out of it
because i have made up my mind and everything is scheduled already
tomorrow shall be my appointment with my anaesthetist
check up and everything for the operation
all i can do now is to hope that things will be fine
and that i can heal as soon as possible without much complications
so that i can resume a 'normal' life by january... ...
peeps please pray for me yahh ^.^

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