Sunday, November 23, 2008

spent my last night in kl
(before going back to ipoh for a month long sem break)
partying at coco with roger, may, jack and the boys
i made a very last minute decision to go
didnt even bother with make up or to dress up nicely
or even to wear my contact lenses. ( i actually wore my nerdy specs=.=' )
didnt really expected to stay right up till past 3am
thought we would leave even before it was 2am
roger picked me up at subang at about 11pm
baby doesnt care about me anymore *sulks*
gave me his house keys and told me to find my way home later =.="
pretty much enjoyed myself
i used to not understand why people bother to take pictures whenever they club
it's not like i understand now
i am never the one initiating picture sessions =.=''
but anyways, yeah.. pictures of fri nite at cocobanana

me and may =)

may, i and roger being 'ds'

u know, i know that pictures are deceiving. =.=''

me and leon

hehe..wonder why my long-sleeved top 'transformed' into a tube arh??
=) *winks*...
promised baby that i would go back early
but finally left at around 3am
was darn hungry and went to mingtien for 'supper'
baby called at 3.45am and asked me where i was
i was happy to know that he was worried and
to know that he does care about me being home or not
muaxxxie baby... i know you sayang me wan rite?? =)
drove around with roger for some time
it has been some time since i sat in really really really fast cars
and feel the excitement, fear and thrill of nearing death =.=''
but it's really nice to experience it all again
reached baby's place at almost 5am
disturbed the sleeping piggy for awhile
just to let him know that i'm back, sober and safe
showered and went to bed
woke up at 6am with an insane period cramp and backache
the pain was crazy.
went out and laid in the living room
so that my painful cries would not wake him up
the pain was just unbearable
it was like i was dying =.=''
i fainted and blacked-out a couple of times due to the pain
my whole body was drenched with cold sweat
body was shivering, i could not breathe
i could not see and my vision was blurred out
i was nauseuos ( due to the pain and not alcohol )
forced my body to vomit
and a freak accident happened
wont wanna blog about what really happened in the end
it's a bit personal and freakish at the same time
slowly i regained my consiousness and started breathing properly again
the insane pain subsided very quickly.
went back to bed after an insane 2hour pain at 8am
baby woke me up at 11 to ask me whether i was alright
talked to him for while, decided to get up from bed and showered
went for breakfast with him
stayed home watching dvds with him while waiting for irene to reach home
picked her up at around 4pm
headed to subang parade for awhile
sorry it was so freaking rushed dear
if it wasnt because mum insisted to fetch me on sat nite
we would have had a lot of fun last nite =(
rushed back to uni at about 6pm
my family picked me up at around 7pm
i'm so freaking frustrated with the hostel rule
that residents have too shift out everything for the holidays
what's the fuckin point??
we're gonna stay in the same room when school reopens anyway
grrr... seriously make life difficult only =.='''
especially when the amount of things i have isnt little
despite only living there for only about half a year

* i have packed about a third to things away already before i remembered to take a picture of it =.=''''*
those of you who know me would know how much rubbish i am capable of keeping =.='''
reached back home at about 10.30pm
showered and called baby and talked to him for a couple of hours
touched some really sensitive issues
although he told me things i wasnt really looking forward to know
but i guess this way, our relationship becomes less complicated (i hope)
dont know how long i would be in ipoh before i head back to kl..
hopefully it wont be long =(

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