Wednesday, November 19, 2008

18th birthday bash

my birthday party at coco last nite was a blast
thank you so much for the overwhelming wishes
and those who made me extremely happy
especially those who came.
and made my birthday the best of my 18 years

p/s: will blog in detail later when i get the chance to =)
and those who have pictures of last nite, kindly put in in my msn sharing folders yahh.. xoxo =)

baby picked me up from uni on 18th nov at around 7pm
picked ah ma, suang, huiyee and seeyee to go over his place to dress up
(save time and trips back and forth to uni from subang 2 )
it felt as if we were a year back in matrix again
except this time it was without irene =(
bad jam all the way and we reached baby's place at about 8pm
rushing them around choosing outfits and everything
i had hair removal cream all over my arms and legs
ah ma was really really really sweet to wash my hair for me
=) love ya...
and of course i wont forget what she said to me ^.^
for you guys who dont know
despite me knowing this bunch of girls for only a year plus
they mean a world to me
i dont think i can live without em
i dont think i would have came this far without em
i dont think i could have stood up on my feet again without their support
seeyee our dearest stylist was of course kept busy doing make up and fixing their hair
really wanted to wear my yellow dress. but sigh.

it's a gorgeous dress aint it??
but i've seriously gained fuckin a lot of weight and
the back of the dress was a bit too thin
and i had my badly timed period
which means visible panty line? ewww...
luckily i had two other dresses
the purple one was worn by seeyee so i settled with the black one
very much rushed
i didnt even had time to properly do my make up
or even to fix my hair
i only had time to blowdry it and fix decent amount of makeup
if i had my way
i would have at least did my hair and did my eyes nicely
i didnt even had time to camwhore =.=''
the five of us didnt even get to have a nice picture together =(
left baby's place past 10pm
reached coco at about 11pm
i was SHOCKED to see the number of places max booked =.=''
i was expecting about 50people
kinda messed up actually as quite a number of people backed out last minute
and some of them decided to sit outside
i only took up 5 vip tables in the end =.='''
a supposingly good friend of mine who promised to open two bottles for me didnt turn up
i panicked a bit
but coco people are seriously darn helpful
they didnt really push us to open many bottles
people often say that coco is not fun
coco is too small and is not as happening as other clubs
coco a lot of lala a lot of nonsense people... ... ...
but it's one of the best clubs in town when it comes to their service and friendliness
roger came over with a couple of friends
i was disappointed when he chose to sit outside of the vip area i booked for him
and even more disappointed when he decided not to sponsor bottles which he promised earlier
anyway, things got better and somehow i managed to make ends meet
pretty much enjoyed the night
special thanks to baby who made everything possible that night
to max who worked everything out
to coco's manager dom and of course his fellow colleagues
coco's bouncers who were really nice to let all my guests in without cover charges
and of course to my dear friends who were there with me
and made my 18th birthday the best one of my 18 years
i have been waiting this very day for so many years
and it finally happened
i was overwhelmed and happy that everything turned out fine
in fact it was a blast! ^.^
havent really got pictures from the night
i should have brought my own camera
but i forgot to take it from home the last time i went home =.=''
anyways, these are some of the few pictures i have from that night
those who have pictures of the night, please put it in my msn sharing folders yahh..
with or without the pictures, every single detail of everything will always be in my memory =)
thanks peeps... love you guys muchie

some of my uni peeps
some of the people that night =) love ya peeps

college besties

girls i love =)

my dearest ah ma >.<

my birthday wish interrupted by max's craziness =.=''

lawyers to be...

uni mates >.<

baby and i

*more pictures to come =) *

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