Tuesday, November 18, 2008

today was hectic
after slaving like a factory operator from 9 till 6
headed over to midvalley with will and louis
these guys are seriously new age men =.=''
i thought only girls fuss about new clothes and hair
they prove to me that guys also worry about not having anything to wear
(despite having a whole wardrobe of clothes )
and worry about people noticing them wearing the same outfit
and that guys also need new outfits for nights-out
i really wanted to get new killer heels to match my dress
didnt find anything i like =(
by the way
everything's confirmed already
my 18th bday party will be held tonight, as of 18 nov 2008
at cocobanana dance club =)
made my decision to only open 2 bottles from my own pocket
seriously cannot afford to open too many bottles loh
i am expecting some people to open a few bottles to cover up for me
revised my guest list already
there really are weird people around
some invite themselves
some refuse invitations for the lamest reaons
but anyway
hope that not too many people would invite themselves
and hopefully stuff wouldnt go out of hand
i cant sleep again
perhaps i have really been anticipating this big day for years
i have been thinking bout my perfect 18th birthday celebration since i was young
i am still quite worried that stuff will get messy
as i am expecting about more than 50 people
it might be really chaotic
i need miracles to happen to make stuff work
someone said something nasty about a good friend of mine
sometimes i hope people would respect me and respect themselves
even if they dont like certain people for certain reasons
have team building camp tomorrow at 9am
and i'm still here wide awake despite only sleeping for 3hours last night
painting my nails and thinking. less than 24 hours to go.
god, please work things out.
today shall be a really really long day.

and hopefully i can wear my dress
i've seriously gained fckin lot of weight

p.s: dont forget my bday cake yah!! =) *winks*

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