Sunday, November 16, 2008

sudden change of plans and
suang's bday celebration yesterday came to an abrupt end at 1am
the whole bunch of us xie jiao were walking around aimlessly around ss2
ended at mcd
they were planning to sit around till morning
called richard up and woke him up from his sleep
bugged him for while
he was really really really sweet to drive all the way from subang to pick me up
although he was sick, half asleep and tired
i feel bad =(
but what was i supposed to do??
i didn't want to sit in mcd for 7 hours while being sickly
and i feel really bad cause i left alone and didnt fetch the girls back to uni
i didnt go back to uni anyway
he wasnt in a good mood
sorry girls =(
spent the whole sunday being with him at home
watching dvds and being with each other
lots of stuff going through my head
especially my 18th birthday celebration which
i am anticipating and hoping that things will be fine
rumours bout coco undergoing renovation is giving me headache
thinking of whether to change the venue to kareoke or elayne's bar
trying to revise my guest list without ruining friendships
the list is just so long
and i dont want to leave out anyone in case some will feel offended
and yet i really cannot afford to invite so MANY people
financially tight lately cause mum aint very supportive
hoping for miracles to happen and for things to turn out right
another two nights away and nothing is confirmed
still waiting for max's call to confirm. sigh.
miracles please happen right now.
i dont want my 18th bday to be a disaster. please.
just came back from a simple advanced birthday celebration
courtesy of my uni mates =)
the chocolate cake was awesome!!!
there goes my resolution to lose weight to fit into my dress
i found my perfect dress already
bought 3 dresses specially for my birthday actually =)
will upload pictures as soon as i get em
good nite peeps =)
stupid lawnite stuff in the morning =.='""
grrr...and the weather is crazy!!!
so fckin hot!!!!

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