Wednesday, December 17, 2008


first semester results are out
i did not fail
but as expected. it were so blehhhh...
at least i dont need to waste another year repeating.
i was t h i s c l o s e
heh. i know. i am a lucky kid. >.<
and my eyesight is getting bad
something wrong with my eye curvature
therefore a not able to wear my contact lenses nor make new ones
until my eye is stable.
nevermind. heh.
can you guys like FEEL my uber energy and excitement oozing out of me?
i am so
went to see my surgeon again today
the nurses removed my bandages.
have i ever mentioned how sweet the people there are? >.<
peeked at myself in the mirror.
i was just
tears started to stream down my cheeks
dr lim is just...
his work was just amazing. so flawless.
am so happy for words.
i was too happy that i cried.
he came in and talked to me.
asked me if i was satisfied. omg.
with a surgeon like that, how can i not be?
i was euphoric when he told me tat i was recovering very well
my wounds developed nicely
not much bleeding or discharge or anything bad.
even he was shocked with how well my body dealt with the surgery
and shocked to see how quickly i am recovering naturally, even without any medications
i have never experienced any extreme pain from the surgery
everything was well and painkillers were so yesterday.
and you know what?
my bandages will be removed on friday morning
and this will be my brand new start >.<
my recovery is super duper speedy.
even dr michelle was shocked.
normally people have to wear bandages for more than 2 weeks
and still go through a lot of complications as it is considered a major surgery.
but no, not me.
i'm dealing with it very well.
nicely closed up wounds
minimal discharge and bleeding
absolutely no pain.
i keep crying and crying for being so relieved.
i have been going through sleepless nights wondering.
if i would regret my decision to go through this surgery
but right now.
it's one the best things that has ever happened to me
one of the best decisions in my life to trust this awesome team of doctors
who gave me a chance to find myself
and kickstart a whole brand new experience.
am just so lost for words right now.
i hugged dr michelle and cried and cried.
only my heart knows how thankful i am to them
to change my life. completely.
this operation did not just change my physical features.
it changed me.
i am looking at life from a different perspective now
to know that it's all well.
this is my brand new start.
and i will have to start shopping for thank you cards and gifts
for one of the best medical practitioners in town
who changed my life. forever.
i have lots to be thankful for.

p.s: bet you guys are wondering how i look now >.<

here you are. comment on it yahh >.<


hui yee said...

omg omg omg omg.......
haha..its a whole new you...
can't wait to see you soon^^
miz ya

choco said...

eee. fei kei. i think even smaller than hui yee's one. LOL.

kidding ler babe. You look awesome =)