Friday, December 12, 2008


a darn sickly pale pic of me laying in the hospital
thanks for the overwhelming well wishes and calls >.<
my surgery was done on tues 9th december
admitted myself to the hospital at 7am
was put on the Drip and took a couple blood tests
i was pushed to the operation theatre at around 9.30am
shed a few tears as mum left
talked to my surgeon dr lim for awhile
as he did some markings and measurements and pictures
he is indeed a really good surgeon
the last thing i knew was talking to dr michelle
and telling her i was cold and afraid as i laid in the OT
with those lights shining brightly on me
and surgeons fussing around me
they starting injecting anaesthetics in me and
let me inhale some smelly gases
then it was pitch black...
woke up a couple of hours later
with a few nurses telling me that it was 6pm already
and the operation was done already
i was really drowsy as dr michelle tried to explain the morphine device to me
was pushed out of the OT
my family was around >.<
fell into a deep sleep. thanks to the anasthetics and morphine dose
woke up at 4am for blood test
felt my whole body numb
a huge bandage around my chest
with a drip needle in the back of my left hand
another needle for antibiotics in the back of my right hand
a urinal tube between my legs which hurt like hell
two drainage tubes on my left and right chest
and another needle near my feet for the morphine to enter my body
sounds painful aint it??
but i guess the painkillers and morphine dose were really strong
so strong that i didnt really feel much pain
the drip was leaking and my sheets were wet. diu.
the nurses took off the drip but said that they have to wait till the doctors came in the morning to fix a new line for the drip
was awaken by a chinese male nurse at 7am
talked to him for while as he tried to take my blood
failed again. sigh.
it's frustrating that they always blame my veins for being too fine
when the real problem is their ability
my surgeon and doctors came to see me in the morning
removed the urinal tube as it really hurt
my handsome dr wong came and talked to me for while
took my blood and set a new line for my drip
*squeals* heh. despite being sick, i still can spot hotties. heh.
i requested for the morphine device to be removed
hate what that drug does to my body
i was shaking and trembling like a drug addict
whenever i press the device and allow the morphine to enter my body
the needle near my feet was removed
i was still bed-ridden by the second day
definitely could not get off bed
could not sit up on my own either
second day was torturous
not because of the pain from the surgery
but because the urinal tube was removed from my bladder
i felt like i needed to pee badly but i just could not
dealt with the insane pain in my bladder for a couple of hours
the worst part was the embarassment
to pee in bed in a steel container and to have nurses to wash up for me
second day was quite toned down with family members taking turns to take care of me
and of course high school besties who visited
it was frustrating as the doctors did not allow my transfer to first class wards
because i needed intensive care and a lot of nurses to look after me
while first class ward's priority are the patient's privacy
finally shifted to the ward i wanted on the third day
much more comfortable and i could actually get off bed
and walk to the toilet without help
and i could actually sit up myself
the doctors came in the evening of the third day
i requested to be discharged
so finally i'm discharged on the evening of my fourth day
now that i'm home
it's not as boring as being in the hospital
sleeping, talking, listening to music, lame tv shows and magazines
my head hurts like hell
doctors say it's the side effect of the anaesthetic
it's like having thousands of pins and needles on the back of my head
and it fcking does not go away
even though it's already the sixth day since my surgery
it's darn annoying and painfully irritating
and of course the pain in my chest which is still bearable
funnily, before the operation
i read testimonials of people who have gone through the operation
and their experiences
i expected the after effect of the surgery to be really really painful
i was suprised cause it doesnt really hurt
maybe it's the painkillers
but other than some slight stinging shooting pains here and there
and inconvenience
it's all alright and not hard to deal with
i still havent dared to look at the results of the surgery
despite having chances to do so
dont wanna freak out and scare myself to see it
when it's still raw and sore
rather wait till it is much better
or at least after my bandages come off
for now, i still have the bandages on 24/7
and every alternate day i have to go back to the plastic clinic
to have my wounds cleaned and bandages changed
i'm hoping for the best
that the results wont disappoint me
anyway, am kinda disappointed that i did not make it
for lin jun jie's appearance in parade on fri
at least sis went and got his signature

such beautiful voice and cutesy face
JJ touched my cd and signed his love
anyway, am too lazy to blog bout langkawi trip
maybe another time
bed calls
painkillers making me drowsy
but it's darn hard to sleep with the irritating feeling
of pins and needles poking the back of my head
and it's darn hard to sleep in one position


雨银 said...

hopefully u wil recover soon ya sweetie..

hui yee said...

eagerly hoping to see u son ^^
vy bad hor me..
but anyway dear..take care

Ciara said...

hey sweety..take care k...hope to see you soon =) love you *hugs*

cs chew said...

kuai kuai hao qi lai