Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2009, here i come.

i know i know
i've been abandoning my blog for some time
>.< anyway, i straightened my hair
but the result is disappointing
cause it still is rather wavy lorr...
and i've got new nerdy specs. yay. heh.
>.< 2009 is a brand new start for me
of course, i kickstarted it well >.<

31st december 2008
went to klcc right after class ended at 6pm with a bunch of uni mates
had sushi king as new year eve dinner

heh. retards. >.<

the 3 gay lou and me >.<

mua tomboy 'sister', louis
heh. doesnt he look like a tomboy?
the first time i met him, i really thought he was a girl. =.=''
shopped around a bit. and headed outside to klcc park

=.='' patriotic. heh.

bumped into my roommate (the one in green)
and uni friends who were also there >.<

the place was dead.
=.='' the place was filled with malays
am not being racist here
but we were like the only bunch of chinese peeps around
at 11 we suddenly decided to head to sg wang/bukit bintang area
heh. rushed like crazy ppl to the lrt. stopped at kl central.
ran to monorail station opposite. headed to imbi
walked over to bkt bintang road
it was

cans of aerosol spray lining the pavements
crazy spraying here and there
thousands of ah bengs
girls being the spray target.
most of the girls were clutching tight to guys who were protecting them.
if a bunch of girls were to be spotted
the whole crowd would bombard them insanely
=.='' cars and motorists were sprayed like mad. pity them. heh.

spray fight!!!

heh. somehow his face invited trouble

caught and sprayed like mad by some ah bengs

this poor fella here was sprayed by everyone who walked past.
dont ask me why.
face problem. heh.
i would say probably because he was a big fat man. hehehehe.
it was really really really fun to get caught up in such craziness
but it really wasnt fun anymore
when i had unknown people spraying right into my eyes
and into my mouth
it was annoying to feel hands squeezing my ass while my eyes were being sprayed at
and even more frustrating when this bastard pick pocketed me. diu.
i really dont mind getting caught in a spray fight and having foam on me.
but not in my eyes and in my mouth. wtf. painful wan ok?
especially when i was wearing contact lenses. diu.
i just wish people had more sense in them to not spray right at other people's face
but i guess some people just dont have brains. =.=''

the moment came

weeee... it's snowing in kl =.=''

bad view of fireworks =.=''
blocked by the monorail track

1st JANUARY 2009

weee... it's snowing...

was on the monorail back to kl central for yumcha
when baby called to say he'll pick me up
hopped off the monorail at maharajalela
and joined him and the boys who were drinking at babyface pub in cheras
(where elayne works)
spent new year waking after noon
went to ampang point to shop while he met a customer
went to klcc to search for my dream NOSE heels
was really disappointed to know that the size 4 in red was sold already
ended up buying a white sling-back shoe
=( had dinner at fatty crab with max, suang and shi ling
went to the curve later for ice cream with baby >.< style="color: rgb(51, 255, 51);">2nd JANUARY 2009
went for english class early in the morning
which i was 40mins late for =.=''
went for shopping in sunway pyramid with suang right after class at noon
spent the whole day shopping and catching up with her
went to NOSE in sunway and was disappointed to know that the shoe i want was sold out already
the girl there was nice enough to call other outlets in kl to find out which outlet still had size 4 in red
LOT 10 still had the shoe
waited for max to finish work at 7
and fetched us to times square
where we walked to lot 10
heh. dont ask me why we didnt just park at lot10
finally bought my bao bei shoe
it's gorgeous i tell you. dont have the picture with me now.
but i'll upload soon
it's a plain red pumps with a gorgeous 3inch patterned steel heel
downright gorgeous.
on the way back to the car. the shoe was wearing snapped
a reason for me to buy the black peep-toe stiletto from vincci. how could i resist? heh.
jack was supposed to pick me up to club with them at coco that night
max decided to bring ah suang to coco
so we went to his house to dress up
turns out that elayne was working there that night selling tequila =.=''
i was hopping between baby's table and jack's table
bumped into may again >.<

am really not a fan of picture taking in clubs >.<
and somehow between all the whiskey and tequilas
i got drunk that night
not drop dead drunk. just giggly-drunk
heh. jack's friends were all hands =.=''
baby was pissed off with me that he left.
sorry. i know i'm really an ass at times.
luckily suang was at the next table during supper
and made sure i went home with her
dont worry dearie
i wasnt really drunk lar. i still know who i was with and what was going on.
>.< max and suang and tom kidnapped me into max's car
sent me back to baby's place at 4
despite being high and drunk
he said some things.
which i really dont like to hear.
but i guess i really crossed the line that night.
but it's all well the next day =)
where we slept past noon and spent time at home
went to cineleisure and watched ipman with suang and max >.<

and yeah.
my resolutions for 2009

1 ) to not get drop dead drunk
2 ) to lose
10kg and 4inches off my waist. heh.
3 ) to pass all subjects in law school
4 ) to not waste time dating guys who are just not mr right
5 ) to learn to say no to late nights out
6 ) to turn up for at least 3days of classes a week ( and stay awake through it )
7 ) to spend more time with friends whom i feel i have neglected lately
8 ) to buy only one pair of heels a month =.=''
9 ) to do homework and pass up assignments on time
10) to not sleep more than 10 hours a day
11) to go home more often and fight less with mum and care more about my family
12) to spend less money on unnecessary =.=''
13) to keep long hair until it passes my boobs. heh.
14) to be nicer to people
15) to not procrastinate important things and lose my dont-care-attitute

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