Saturday, January 10, 2009

random post of random feelings.

somehow i feel i'm getting tired
tired of my same old routine
tired of the same old thrills i get from retail therapy
booze and music and men and fast cars and dangerous stunts
dont know what i'm looking for or what i'm putting myself up for
i just know that i want a change
something way different to get me back on my feet.
sometimes i just wonder
where am i heading and what i really want from my life
it seems like i really dont care about a lot of things
as if i have no goals or purpose in life
which is partially true
all i care is about getting thrilled and caught up in euphoria
and i'm sick of some bastards
diu. my temper is getting worst lately.
the slightest things seem to get on my nerves
i want different type of thrill.
the kind of thrill which can blow my mind
and push my limits...
sometimes i do wonder
where do i draw the line?
cause i dont seem to have a limit and i lose control of my own life
what difference am i with the people on the streets who waste their life away?
my sanity? i think i'm losing it.
i'm not perfect.
and it does feel good to do things the wrong way for the thrill of it.
and i really dont need strangers to poke their noses in my life
why do you care anyway?

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