Saturday, January 31, 2009


well. i finally decided to do ciara's tag >.<
i spent quite some time to find some pictures here and there
cause pictures in my laptop are only limited to self shots taken in the past 6months =.=''
and as some would know, pictures taken and saved in my old phone from the past two years were gone when my memory card was corrupted
stuff in my old pendrive are also gone since i do not know how to take good care of my belongings and virus infected my pendrive
it aint the first time though
i have lost a whole lot of high school pictures when my computer was infected and was reformatted in 2006
i still have not learnt my lesson =.=''
doesnt mean i do not appreciate pieces of memories from my past.
every single detail is kept and secured in my heart, to be cherished forever.
anyway, yeah, the tag >.< enjoyy!!
by the way ciara, instead of singular form, i did it in plural form >.<
hope you dont mind yahh dearie.. muaxx

Pictures of you at the most unique environment

well, i must say, this was taken really long ago, definitely not 2008 as the date in the pic =.='' unique, yea, we were sitting on the waterfall thingy located in the primary school >.<
and i miss that librarian uniform =)

how can i ever forget? one-of-a-kind birthday parties with a lot of flour and chasing around and food fights and outdoor baths and hide-and-seek with the guards and bonding which money can never buy. i seriously miss those days.

our very last formal dinner before we parted. and our black-and-white dates.

nothing unique about this except the company of crazy friends and the crazily pouring rainstorm

D 4.5, where everything started. a place where life was simple.
a place i dearly miss and sometimes quietly wish that we could all turn back time to spend another year there and this time around i would appreciate every moment.

Pictures of you at the place you dislike.

law school. ironicly. the place which i would be spending my next 3 and a half years and hopefully grow to love.

urgh. my pathetic hostel room

law library. to be surrounded by laws and books. sigh.

orientation. a painful ordeal.

hospitals. the sick place.

Pictures of People Who Mean A lot to You

them who i miss

xie jiao.

them. i love.

them. i

ex-roommates. or rather sisters who mean the world to me. dont know when will we finally be able to take another picture together as the five of us again.

besties. all through the 7 years since secondary one till today.

siblings. my bro, my closest friend of 15 years. my sis, my love.

my family. whom i love and hate at the same time.

Pictures of You With Your Best Smile (Mouth Opened)

despite me being tipsy, i still consider it a nice pic >.<

and no, i wasnt drunk.

lao da. >.<

slutty pics. heh.

my camwhore sister.

suang and i in 2007

the chick with the gorgeous smile and contagious laugh. <3

my evil twin. i miss you chocoass.
Picture of You With Your Best Smile (Mouth Closed)

a plain and bare picture of me smiling >.<

i seriously have too many self shots =.='' vain? hmm. not really. i've dealt with a lot of depression and low self esteem and hatred towards myself.
Pictures of you with the lamest pose
i always tell people to delete ugly/lame pictures of me. despite that, i still find a lot of pictures with me and lame poses. =.=''

the makeover thingy.

hah. little kids at play caught on cam. =.=''

lol. i just HAD to post this pic with mingcher being retard. heh.

lol. tingyi and his craziness. >.<

no doubt. the lamest an ugliest pose of the year. heh.

i know it's lame. dont remind me. heh.

hehe. us being crappy. but i'm not the only one with a lame pose okay?

heh. this pic makes me laugh. dont know why i look so retardedly lame here.=.='' i was just trying to smile.

me in red. being lame. and obscene

shh. dont comment.
A Picture of Someone Who Stands On Top of Your Heart
well. for the time being. no one. so i'll leave this section empty. i think it'll always be empty after all that i've gone though, cause i've learnt to love myself more than anyone else in the world. *cheers*

Pictures of You With Some Toys or Cute Stuff

heh. count anot?

those were the chubby days when we were form4 or form5, heh. aint she CUTE?? my darling paikyen >.<

max's mikey. cute aint she?

the cutest things in the world-babies/toddlers. my nephew wen long >.< such a sweetheart aint he?

Pictures of You in a White Shirt
hmm.. why white? why not red or gree or blue or black? lol. anyway, yeah.

10 people i tag :
1) ah ma
2) irene
3) huiyee
4) paikyen
5) wei qing
6) bro
7) nathan
8) charis
9) kelvin chin
10) may

hope to see your nice and not nice pictures yahh peeps >.<


hui yee said...

haha..look through those ugly picx of urs...really laugh out loud..^^
those time of urs is d most innocent n d real you time..hehe..where u r really crazy till the max..:)

cs said...

miss the time we had in matrix....

-LuVeRGaL- said...

yea.. really miss >.<