Wednesday, January 28, 2009

to hell with molesters!

argh. i got molested today.
so much for a 'happy' new year
and excuse me,
i did not ask for it.
no i wasnt dressing sexily.
i was in a decent t shirt and shorts and heels
was on the way to kareoke at the top floor of the club
stepped into a lift with a friendly worker who pushed a trolley of towels
felt a hand hugging my waist
thought was my sis
the hand moved to my ass and squeezed it
then i realised it was the guy
he held my hand
i quickly pulled away
then he reached his destination level and pushed his trolley out
then he stepped into the lift again. wtf
waved bye bye to me
me and sis quickly moved to the back of the lift
he casually touched my front all the way
from my neck until my belly grabbing my boobs along the way

fucker. i was scared to hell.
he then wanted to shake my hand which i refused.
he touched my face and shoulders and i quickly folded my arms across my chest
we finally reached and i rushed out the lift
he even ran his hand across my back
from my thighs to my ass and to my waist
called baby, he told me to report
sis pushed me to tell dad
it seriously took me a lot of courage to tell daddy
where i broke into tears
he went with sis to the management to search for the asshole
went through the process of testifying in front of the management people
the asshole apologised.
i kill your mother and say i'm sorry lar. can?
told the management to fire the asshole
he still had the guts to say 'tak puas hati'
wtf. molest people and get away with just losing your job still no satisfied?
want to go to the extend of being jailed and whipped ya?
fuck you asshole!
dont ask me why i did not go to the police.
i do not want so much trouble also.
i dont ever want to see this asshole anymore.
but i swear, this will not end.
i'll screw his life and make him regret till the day he dies
but then
it's sweet to know how protective baby is and how much daddy cares
but then again it was frustrating that when mum knew
as usual, she felt that it was my fault
even aunties felt that in a way i invited trouble
that i asked for it
that i was too sexy
that my shorts was to short
that i was too friendly
that i ... ... wtf
noone asks for these to happen
i didnt ask for it
and i dont deserve it
if it happened to them,
would they still feel that it was themselves who invited it?
i told a friend of mine
he told me that he had a friend who encountered the same
and said that the girl was traumatised that some asshole touched her ass
what pissed me off was his next sentence where he said that
'she's a good girl ma, that's why she was so traumatised'
WTF!! so i'm not a good girl
i deserve it lar?
it's okay for me lar?
it's alright to take advantage of bad girls and harass them in any way lar?
it's fine because we wont mind?
to hell also with asshole with pig brains
i used to encounter a lot of perverts and molesters
i thought the surgery would make my life better
in the sense that i would 'provoke' and 'attract' less sickos
now i know
that some men are seriously sick in their minds
no matter how ugly or covered you are
it's their sick fantasy and sick minds
i pray that no girl will ever be molested
or harassed in any way by this sick man
the girl they molested is someone else's daughter, might be someone's wife
if it was his daughter/wife, i wonder if he would say it's alright.
maybe they would. their minds are sick.
i have a whole lot of nasty things to curse him and fellow molesters with.
but i'll keep it all inside.
one day,
one fine day.
i'll graduate. i'll put this asshole in jail. i swear.
i'll never forget his face.
and make him suffer madly
with fellow molesters, perverts, sex maniacs, flashers, rapists, paedophiles and sickos
let them burn in hell - where they belong


Ciara said...

dear..don't be upset ok..hugs...
i'm sure he will get served one day..muax

cs said...

walao....relly wan fuck de lo...
diao him...
bully my brother

LuVeRGaL said...

thanks for the support peeps >.<
i'll be fine though...

雨银 said...

shit him man..
y gt tis kinda ppl de??
sayang sayang ya...

-LuVeRGaL- said...

thanks ma >.<

hui yee said...

omg omg omg...
y so scary time don go in d lift juz d two of u...
take care dear ^^