Sunday, February 1, 2009

another TAG!

am back in KL, yayy!!
okay, since i have one hour to spare before kelvin picks me up, i'm just gonna do another tag. my dumb bro said my tag was cacat =.='' and told me to do his. here it goes. just a simple tag, no pictures though, the whole process of searching, choosing, editting and uploading pictures takes wayyy too much time. so yeah, read. >.<

Once you've been tagged, you have to
write a post with 16 random things, habits
or goals about you. At last, choose five people to be tagged.
Listing their names and the reason u choose them :)

1) i hate commitment. not scared of it.
dont know if it is my rebellious spirit or bad past experiences or my plain wild side that made me distant myself from relationships that require a lot of commitment, but i hate being suffocated in relationships whether it is blood-ties, friendship, 'love' or whatever it is. i prefer to be in open relationships and for people to respect my space, my freedom and the way i live my life.

2) i hate people trying to change me or teach me how to lead my life.
i despice people who come and tell me that what i do is not right, or comment on how i live my life and try to tell me how to live a 'quality' life (as if you have a life ), or try to talk to me about 'life'. ( do you really think you have THAT much life experience? let me just tell you that i dont need it and i've had my share of 'life' experiences. i'm young. does not mean i dont know what i'm doing. does not mean i need you to teach me. i enjoy friends' company. i dont need people pushing me around.

3) cannot be alone.
i might be able to bathe again and read alone. but i CANNOT sleep alone, eat alone, or be alone. i adore companionship of friends. maybe i'm scared of being outcasted and isolated. i really dont want to be alone. i want to know that i have shoulder(s) to cry on. and i cherish true friendships. i might mingle and fool around with more guys rather than girls (because i am boyish myself), but i adore my dearest girlfriends and love them to bits.

4) am materialistic.
most people would know how money rocks my world. does not mean that my world revolves around money. does not mean i worship money and rich people. i just love to be pampered and to know what money can buy. but i am serious when i say that money comes above intelligence, principles, personality, attitute and looks when it comes to picking a 'boyfriend'. i love luxury and things money can buy. at least i am honest about it. i dont crap and lie that money doesnt really matter. bullshit. who are you kidding?

5) lives for music, parties, alcohol, high times and sex
i enjoy listening to good music and lurve singing, especially when people are listening >.< i love parties, whether it is small birthday bashes, cocktails, dinner parties, slumber parties, wild parties and clubbing, and almost every other party. sex party? no thanks. i love what alcohol does to my body, keeps me awake and allows me to let my guard down and be the rebel i am. i love being high and orgasms. lol. who doesnt? and i'm not gonna elaborate about the last part.

6) adores footwear
i'm starting my own shoe shop. heels to be exact. lol. i just cannot resist the tempation to buy when i see gorgeous heels, especially when they have my shoe size which is 3 =.='', despite the fact that i seldom wear them, especially when they are easily dirtied ( like my red satin pumps, my purple velvet heels, white pumps, and green velvet boots ). but most of the time, my heels are for show on the racks only, i am most comfortable with slippers =.=''

7) loves kids
although i might be very mean to humankind, i have a soft spot for cute babies (in fact a very soft spot >.<). how can anyone not fall madly in love with the helpless cuddly little frame, the adorable baby fats all over, and lovable cute face? despite that, i will never have babies of my own. i'm too afraid. and no, i dont think i would change my mind even 15 years down the line. i'ld grow up and get married and adopt kids. seriously.

8) sometimes silently wish i could trade away my brains.
people would despice me. but honestly, sometimes, in fact many times, i would wish that i could trade away all my brains to be pretty. drop dead gorgeous with beautiful hair, nice nose, pouty lips, long legs, skinny and gorgeous skin. i have always hated seeing myself in the mirror. shallow as it may seem. but true. it really doesnt matter if i was dumb, as long as i would not be the ugly duckling =(

9) am a rebel, a daredevil
i have a thing for lying, even if i really dont need to. sometimes i just lie for no reason to make people jealous or to provoke their anger. i have a thing for snooping around and cheating. nasty, but i just cant help it. the kind of satisfaction from getting away with cheating is just euphoric. i dont follow rules. i break them. i hate being like everyone else. i need to be different. outstandingly different and in my own league.

10) loves shopping
it's ultimate satisfaction to go home from fruitful retail therapy. and i dont really like to go window shopping, i'ld rather go shopping and go home with shopping bags =.='' most of the time, i prefer going shopping alone. it's one of the few things i can do alone. but of course i dont mind shopping with company of friends, especially my chicks >.<

11) live to eat
i cant resist temptation of good food. everything from quality chocolates, raw salmon and japanese food, food from hawker stalls, penang har mee, maggi >.<, ice cream, steaks, ramly burgers, curry laksa, raisins and prunes, cookies, korean food, satay, roti telur, murtabak, chinese style vege... urghh, i'm getting hungry again. =.='' and i enjoy company of eating friends. >.<

12) i'm definitely not a morning person
waking up before noon literally kills me. =.='' am more of a night person. i sleep late and wake up really late, only to continue with naps later in the day. >.< ( not short naps, naps which last at least 4 hours =.='') you will never be able to drag me for breakfast unless i slept VERY early the day before or had alcoholic drink ( which makes it hard for me to sleep ). dont ever ask me to go and jog with you in the morning, you will not succeed in persuading me. lol.

13) i wish i were a snake
everyone knows i have horrible skin. i wish i could shed my skin and have new skin like snakes. i may be rough and tough, but i definitely cannot take heat. it brings out the worst allergy in me. dont take me out in the sun, especially when i'm in a bad mood or having make up on. and i hate people staring at me as if i'm a freak just because i dont have baby smooth skin. i'm just a girl with flaws.

14) i am quite emo
i used to be very emo. i'm learning to take things less seriously and to care less and be less sensitive towards a lot of issues. and yet, sometimes i become very emo out of nothing at all and fall into a full-blown depression where sleepless nights, endless crying, too much negativity, refusal to go out, refusal to talk, locking up myself and all those crap comes in. i try not to get there, but sometimes, it's unavoidable and i need time to be emo so that i get pick myself up and learn to be tough.

15) am only 18 but definitely not dumb
i wouldnt call myself smart, but i definitely am not dumb. in fact, i would say i am more matured than most people my age. i choose to not use my brains most of the time. we can only be 18 once, right? i want to make the best out of it. i dont want my consiousness and maturity to stand in the way when i'm about to do crazy things which i would want to tell my granchildren next time. i want to do things which 18 year olds are not able to do, (not being childish or acting like a kid, but rather acting beyond my age and do things they will only be able to do when they are older )

16) i'm not simple as you may think
there are just too many things you dont know. things only the heart knows. period.

i tag:
Ciara : cause i know i would enjoy her tag
Paikyen: cause i want her to write things i dont already know. heh
Irene: cause her blog is almost dead
May: cause she came up with the lamest excuse to not do my previous tag =.=''
Ah Ma: cause i want to know things about her which i have yet to know.


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