Saturday, January 17, 2009

cocobanana, durian fall, buffalo wings, assholes and politics

yea. cocobanana again on thursday nite
pretty much sucked. seriously.
elayne had been planning this 'gathering' since the past 2 weeks
at first she told me to book about 50places
=.='' i was smart enough not to.
called zaini and reserved only 2tables
jack was supposed to pick me up
but he had a meeting so i told carlson to pick me up
he came with this uber-cute guy, Ian
who was only 8days older than me and had never been to clubs previously
dont have his picture here, but he was really super cute. >.<
cute as in really little boy cute. =.=
went to eat with them and headed over to pick neo
jack came over with the usual gang
screw cover charges. walked in without any as usual.
this is really the beauty of knowing the right people =.=
heh. but both of them got stopped at the entrance for id checks.
i laughed my head off. but really. they do look underage lorr >.<
pretty much messy afterwards
edward arrived with his girlfriend. lol.
talk about desperate couples and perfect match of the ugly =.=''
yea. i'm mean.
cheemeng and ryan came over later.
messed up. how hard is it to decide whether to open bottle or not?
in the end. they managed to get in.
no bottles were opened. they just went in for music and the ambience.
they should really quit bragging about their 'connections' when they really dont have any.
i was lucky that jack was there so neo and i joined their table
as usual got to know people and forget their names >.<
i'm so darn sick of people saying,
''i dont believe you. you're really 18 only?''
'' really? you're a law student? ''
'' you can't be in university when you're 18!''
wtf. *takes out uni card and ic as proof*
next time people ask, i would say i'm 21
working as a pr in some bar
diu. bet they would stop bothering me with dumb questions.
kc as usual was being very 'generous'
and opening two bottles for the girls next to our table
talk bout generous
saw a drunk old man giving out money
a couple of girls selling tequila were so smart to pull him to a quieter corner
so no one will get the free money except them
again and again he took out cash from his wallet
and gave to the girls until i guess his wallet was empty.
because he was drunk and they 'looked' hot.
like people say. durian runtuh(fall) =.=''
jack was really drunk. diu. and he promised to fetch me back =.=''
asked carlson to fetch me back anyway.
left before 3 for mamak with carlson, ian, elayne and all.
reached back about 4.30
slept at 5 and woke up at 9 for class.
god. i dread friday classes.
baby picked me up at around 3
went for a drive with max to connaught
went and had duck rice before it was even 5 =.=''
late lunch or what?
went for dinner at 10pm at this place called the buffalo
they was a dish named 'buffalo wings'
i was scratching my head wondering since when buffalo had wings =.=''
it turned out to be a dish of chicken wings with their special sauce =.=''''
went for a drink with baby and lee at a pub called 'roof garden'
it was quite a place. the renovation and ambience was really not bad
but it was really really really empty. =.=''
business is bad lately. recession =.=''
and wed nite dance practice for our prom nite, Lawnite in late feb
the asshole i hate had the guts to ask me to be his dance partner.
wtf! does he not know how much i hated him
i cannot stand hearing his voice or even looking at his ugly face
and no. i did not give in to him
although i did not already have a partner when he asked
i said no. i'ld pair with anyone but not him.
in the end. i was paired with someone from senior year.
he made me so shy. dont know why. hah.
and yeah,
campus elections going on
i seriously dont know what to say
it's a huge mess. especially in the law faculty
where expectations are high and tongues are sharp and people are mean
i just feel that everyone has different appoaches.
it aint quite fair that individuality and principles isnt appreciated
instead people support certain parties
everyone should be given a fair chance to fight for what he/she feels right
and no one should judge them because of their lack of experience or the party they are for
and it really was unnecessary for people to judge them from their behaviour
i mean, although the candidate might be frequently absent from classes
doesnt mean he does not know his priority and that he is useless.
doesnt mean he is not academicly excellent that he cannot be trusted to stand as a candidate
it aint quite democratic is it?
i guess the world wont really remember the good stuff you do
but people will ALWAYS remember and judge you from the unpleasant minor things
i feel that i dont really care.
screw politics. as long as i am not deprived of my rights. i really dont care

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