Saturday, January 24, 2009

happy cny

sigh. am so tired.
waiting for my family to pick me up from uni
heading back to malacca for cny
thursday nite was again clubbin at coco
no pictures though as i really enjoyed myself.
significant. yea.
am officially max's kai mui
(as in godsis ) >.<
spent the night at his place
could not sleep whole nite through. wtf.
took me 2hours to wake him up =.=''
went for breakfast at kimgary with him, billion and a girl from thailand
then was shopping with ah ma and irene >.<
was so exhausted due to the lack of sleep.
some miscommunications and my phone ran out of battery
realised that my contacts were actually saved in my phone and not my sim card
panicked and all. called ian. asked him for carlson number
he was really really nice to come over to pick us
damn paiseh =.=''
went back and had cold shower. packed.
promised xiao yan i would club with them yesterday nite
was too darn tired. seriously need to set my priorities right.
i dread cny
really. i hate everything else other than the good food, holiday and incoming cash flow
dread lion dances, irritating aunts and conservative relatives
dad's here already. cny's calling. wtf.

happy cny though. =.=''

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