Wednesday, February 4, 2009

a new love <3

(okay, i know my nail polish is chipped, am gonna fix it soon >.<)
yayy. he promised he'll try to get me tickets for rihanna's concert
not like i'm dying to go, but if free tickets, why not?
weeee... i'm in love
with the new perfume he gave me>.<
femme by hugo boss *squeals* *kisses*
and it smells freggin good, very feminine. heh.
he was smarter this time around though.
to buy a short bottle since i broke the tall gucci one he gave me a couple months back
accident okay? glass bottles are very fragile things you know

you see, it's rather tall to be stable and to not be knocked over

the missing piece =(
but anyway, am so in love with this new perfume
makes me feel so LADY and sexy. heh. >.<
sexiness does not necessarily comes from skimpy clothing and flashing lots of skin
it comes from feeling good about yourself. weee...
and people always tell me i'm so boyish. heh. lemme prove you wrong.

perfume=sexiness >.<

this pic looks kinda druggy/sick. but decided to post it up anyway.

sexy aint it?
weee... who said short things/peeps cannot be sexy? heh.
i'm starting to be so in touch with my feminine side
and i think i'm starting to have a new obsession with lingeries >.<
nothing beats satin, silk and laces when it comes to feeling sexy =) not even 5inch stilettoes
and yes, lingeries are only confined to the bedroom, strictly no camwhoring in them

but then again, i'm really not a sex kitten
not even close to sexy
minus the pouty lips and super-glossy lipstick and lighting effects
i'm just me. a smiling happy girl.
just a simple young little girl with flaws
pimples, fat all over, dry hair, broken nails, scars and ugly skin
it's the time of the month again.
and this definitely made me feel better at my worst
in the end i'm really not tat 'high-maintainence' as people always think
despite the fact that im quite a 'gold-digger',
it's doesnt take much to make me happy
it doesnt take much to upset me also
laziness is overwhelming me
classes shall resume tomorrow
i'm seriously starting to feel that law school really isnt my thing
no, studying really isnt my thing.
knowing that i made it into law school is good enough
do i really need to go through the whole process?
can i actually let go now?
i've been thinking a lot lately
i actually want to go and explore a lot of new things
and gain new experiences while i'm 18
young and rebellious.
the degree can come later
i dont want to waste my precious years slaving around law books, statutes and case studies
sigh. is this my rebel side speaking, so is this just pure ranting from laziness?
god, send me a rich man, a generous one please
i'm really not that independant you see,
i really dont mind being pampered and spoilt >.<
and i'm kinda disappointed with things
things concerning girlfriends whom i love
kinda annoys me to get to know something about her from somebody else
and people would tell me,
"eh, i thought you both very close? what happened?"
"why your info so slow? didnt she tell you?"
how does it make you feel?
it certainly doesnt make me feel good
but i'm just not gonna get upset about it
people move on. i do too.
although i miss the days combing her hair and doing her make up
and the nights sleeping with her and talking to her
i am moving on already.
i mean if she is moving on, i should too right?
maybe its okay to forget friends who actually love you when you find that special someone.
all i pray for is for her to be happy
especially when someone else stands on top of her heart now.
and it's high time i party hard
coco tomorrow night, and barcelona on thursday
that, if i dont go back to ipoh on thursday night
i dread going back home. really.
no choice. scars are not healing. wounds are getting bad.
did i mention that i might get a pet?
a real pet, in fact a puppy
he brought up the idea a couple of weeks ago
and we actually agreed to have a jack russell terrier
but browsing dog picture galleries
i find myself more and more in love with shih tzu and poodles
but then again i cant imagine myself picking up dog poop
i cant really imagine myself cuddling with the lil fella
who might bite on the sofa and bedding and my lingeries >.<
and who would actually pee on the carpets
living with a dog who would actually bark in the middle of the night
i've never grown up with pets, (fishes and tortoise just dont count)
i dont know how well i'ld adapt
and i do get attached very easily
i dont want to be too in love with the dog and get upset if it dies some day
or if baby decides to sell it away
i guess i do need to think again before i jump into decisions
sometimes loving something/someone doesnt mean you need to have it
it might be a dread. sometimes it's better to love it from a distance.
and i'm really annoyed that people are bothering me
especially with the whole q n a about whether i'm seeing anybody
and whether it is exclusive
i dont like to talk about my relationships
all i have to say that i'm not dating
i'm not a desperado
and no, i'm not in love.
again i say,
i appreciate open relationships and people who know how to respect my space
and i'm very much happier this way
i saw someone who looks like my ex today at the restaurant while i was having dinner with baby
brought back memories, but i'm proud to say that i was able to brush them away
and i like the quote on vivian (tham)'s blog which says
'love starts with a smile, grows with a kiss, ends with a teardrop'
and i would add an ending which says,
'and love moves on' =)
looking back, being with him through june2007 till september 2008
really made a huge impact on me.
it changed my whole perception towards love and dating
i have learned to never love anyone more than myself
but in a way, i think i have subconsciously decided to close up the doors to my heart
love makes the world go round,
but love is not the only thing which makes a girl happy
this i know. because,
i'm a much happier person, even now without that special someone and that 'special' love
it's 4 in the morning.
and i really dont want to go to sleep
classes tomorrow morning? no thanks.


雨银 said...

hey sweetie..
i have d same feeling v u too..
but i hate 2 move on without u all..
i miss those days..
but u still have me v u..

雨银 said...

n nice perfume u hav ya...

hui yee said...

ngong ngong:P
u r always careless 1 ma..
hehe...always knocking dwn its d thingy faults to b made to tall n