Wednesday, February 11, 2009

my love.

aint he cute?? awww....

ah finally. i've been dying trying to upload the pictures. and blogger had being tough on me for the past 18 hours.
finally, the pictures of my new found love of my life. the cutesy face and oh-so-cute antics just makes me fall crazily in love with him >.<
his name is , TOY TOY. dont laugh. it's a cute name okay?
and he is mine. >.<
a pure breed 6 weeks old shih tzu. and he is really really manja lorr.
he does not want to sit alone, or sleep alone leh. even when he naps, he wants to nap next to me or baby, or nearby us. when we take him out for meals, he does not want to sit on a seperate chair. he just has to sit on one of our laps. aww.. the curious little fella follows our every step, up and down the house, everywhere we go. and when we close the door with him outside, or when i'm in the bathroom, he'll whimper outside the door to no end and cry until we decide to open the door. awwww... i wanted to name him WHIMPER. but TOY TOY is such a cute name though. i think sometimes he is really confused with all the different names we call him. hehe. he really is a sweetheart. when we smack his bum when he's naughty, he makes the cute pitiful face and watery eyes making us feel sorry for punishing him. he had his first bath the other day and he was shivering like mad. we had to hold him still cause he kept struggling to move away and did not want us to comb his fur or blowdry him. when we were finally done, he went behind me and hid his face from baby(cause baby was the one trying to blowdry and comb his fur), whimper and snuggled up with me.awww... he just does all the cute stuff all the time. this little fella really seeks a lot of attention. really likes to be pampered and sayang wan lorr. it's hard to not love something sooooo adorable like him. awww...
i think i am in love

TOY TOY on daddy's lap >.<


heh. the annoyed face cause i kept taking pictures of him. >.<

lazy lil pup.

awww.. cute rite?

curious lil fella.

him wondering why i kept holding my phone up his face.

toe-sniffing baby. >.< he really likes to bite our toes and fingers with his little teeth and it's really really cute.

see how small and adorable he is? awww...

snoring again. weee...

the pitiful face. >.<

hehe. see those little teeth? awww... i somehow feel he is starting to like to have his pictures taken >.<

awww... the love of my life.


cs said...

really looked like weixiang...

-LuVeRGaL- said...

=.='' why like wei xiang? cute horr my baby? hehe.