Tuesday, February 17, 2009

short update.

well, as people say, valentine's were originally a celebration of friendship instead of love between individuals as a 'special couple'. after 5 continuous years spending valentine with special someone(s), i finally celebrated valentine with a very close friend of mine. Him. and we are still friends. always will be, no matter how intimate or close we are. spent an awesome night dining with him at The Ship and partying the night away without ending up drunk. which definitely felt great. despite that, i regret not being to celebrate valentine's with true friends, particularly my girlfriends. ah, well, valentine IS commercialised as 'couple' day. there are a lot of things i regret and get upset over, especially how different and apart we grow day by day. maybe it's the lack of communication, but then again, i choose to think that they somehow chose to distant themselves. which i am fine with. people move on. but it didnt really hit me until lately that we can be so close at one moment, and yet turn into strangers the next day. ah, forget it, am not gonna let my emo-ness take over.
oh yea, and Toy toy is getting cuter by the day. not to mention, fatter. fatter=cuter. he is definitely getting more and more adorable. awwww... although he is a real sweetheart most of the time, he can really be a pain in the neck. read up a bit to shihtzu. apparently most shihtzu do show a lot of temper and try to show that they are the 'King', especially in tender ages where they havent really learned to respect us, as his owners. and my baby shihtzu is no exception. he barks to no end when we leave him alone at home, and i start to feel that he does show his anger that we left him alone by biting and being destructive and crapping all over the house. it's not that he does not know where he can poo and wee, in fact, he does do his business at the right places when we are around (maybe to impress us), but then he shows his temper by crapping all over whenever we leave him alone or ignore him for being naughty. dogs are smart animals with emotions. and my little puppy definitely wants a lot of attention. he just cannot sit around being ignored when we are trying to watch tv or engaged with other things. he nudges to be patted, barks and whimpers when ignored. it's really cute at times, but then again, i just wish he would grow to understand that he cannot keep biting on us. hurts badly okay. his teeth are growing sharper by the day. despite that, i still love him to bits. he is sooooooo goddamn adorable. especially when i cuddle him in my arms with him facing me like a baby with that cutesy face, you should see how freaking cute he is!!!
and another funny thing is that he often tries to climb up richard's legs and shake his little ass, the doggy style fuck way. in a way, he's like practising to fuck. perhaps getting ready and making sure he is good at it when he finally gets his little female shihtzu to fuck when he grows up. damn freaking FUNNY!!! wonder where he learnt that. heh. >.<>
lawnite is coming up. it's a huge annual gala dinner which would be held next fri. god, and i havent found my dress. somebody help me!!
and i'm really looking forward to this weekend getaway to genting >.<>

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