Saturday, February 28, 2009

the day where everything went wrong

yeah. havent been blogging a lot lately. was in genting for the weekends. enjoyed myself so much that i really didnt want to go back.

yesterday was a big day. lawnite finally came. after 8months ( or more ) slaving around as one of the committee members preparing for the big event which finally happened yesterday. and everything which happened yesterday was disastrous. a day which i wish never happened to me.

3am- burnt my lawnite dress
went and iron my dress. once it touched my dress, it burnt. and the heat level was only 3. wtf. damn the rusty and spoilt iron which burnt my dress.

5am- damn azan was so freaking loud
and woke me up. can't they be more considerate and not scream through the speakers early in the morning?

7am- dragged myself out of bed

9am- oral test postponed again
why cant i just get done with it? grr..

9.30am- left english class early
and waited for senior's cars to fetch us to the hotel

11am- finally reached the hotel.
sent my burnt dress for dry cleaning at hotel. which cost a bomb. and slaved around like mad. folding papers. preparing 400 goodies bags.

1pm- went for hairdo which was sponsored by the hair saloon.
which i felt was really ugly. and felt cheated for having to pay extra rm10 for a spinkle of gold dust on my hair. wtf? the stylist didnt even ask me if i wanted the glitter or not.

2pm- went and did my eyebrows at the beauty parlour.
which was disastrous. the girl over plucked my brows.

2.30pm- returned to hotel
to work as slaves again. and did the dumbest thing of having to stick correction stickers cause a VIP's name was printed wrongly as Dato' instead of Dato' Seri. wtf. who would notice anyway?

5pm- finally got to go the hotel room to dress up
collected my dress from the laundry. it was stil stained although it was less obvious already. wtf. disastrous. at least i managed to fix make up for myself. i am really not a helpful person. how do you expect me to help make up for other people if i cannot even manage myself within the crazy one hour?

6pm- rushed down to the ballroom
did some last minute rehersal and sound check for my solo singing performance. and rushed to usher people.

8pm- dropping falsies
due to the make-up time restaint, i didnt manage to stick on my false eyelashes nicely. and i kept needing to go to the restrooms to fix it again and again. wtf. 4inch pumps were killing my feet.

8.30pm- event finally started
sound system and all the technical stuff were a mess. a huge mess.

9.30pm- my performance was cancelled
i was waiting backstage already and my performance was just 2minutes away. the performance bureau head came over and told me that he had to cancel my performance due to time constraint. as if 4 minutes would make any difference anyway.

11pm- guests leaving in the middle of the event
people just left. cause all the food were served already. there were so many more performances and events. =.=''

the list is getting a bit too long. so i'll just get to the point.

my phone was stolen.

i was backstage and i needed to go up for the committee performance. left my phone and cosmetic pouch with a friend who was backstage also and told me he would keep my phone in his pocket. so i did not immediately go backstage after the peformance cause i assumed he would keep it. bumped into him at the dance floor later. he said he left my phone on a chair backstage and offered to take it for me. i assumed that the place was safe since it was really dark and noone would actually notice that there was a phone laying on the chair. 10minutes later i felt insecure and went and get my phone. only to find all my cosmetics scattered all over the floor and my phone was nowhere to be found. went out and look for him. we both searched but to no avail. called my phone, it rang but noone answered. kept searching the floor. called the phone again. it was dead already. someone stole it already. i felt dead. i wanted to cry. i just couldnt. panicked and asked everyone to search it for me. my friend suddenly told me that when he left my phone there he saw a fat indian man in white who was wearing a pass standing near the backstage. immediately we felt he was the one. since he had no reason to be backstage and i doubt anyone in the committee would do anything like this. searched for the man. fron the description, the hotel people said it might be a contract technical man. one of the committee people called the man, he left already and denied taking my phone and didnt want to come back to the hotel. i was almost crying already. met the hotel event supervisor and he was helpful. met up with the hotel security people and lodged a report. they said they have security cameras and might be able to see who took my phone. but it was so dark that time, i dont think cameras could actually capture who did it. hotel people sent me to the police station to lodge a report. sigh. even if they can find the culprit. i dont think i would be able to get back my phone anyway. and it's worrying me. it wouldnt be something i would be proud of the person went through my phone and decides to publicise my private stuff. my contacts and everything are all in my phone. literally my whole life. told mum just now. as usual. it's my fault. yeah. my fault again. i have no one to blame. i curse the person who took my phone. may he burn in hell. pray for me that stuff would be fine. for now, i'm a lost person without a phone. i feel so helpless. i cant even tell the time without my phone. or even call anyone cause my contacts are in my phone. sigh. why did yesterday had to happen to me? can i just wake up from this nightmare? =(
* can i cry now? ='(

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choco said...

Dear vivian, things have been so busy. And me being all the way here probably drawn us further apart. I still miss you, think of you and pray for you. I hope things will turn out to be fine. Take care baby girl. I heart you so much. =)