Wednesday, May 6, 2009

time to party!!!

and finals are over. am officially done with my first year of law school. three more years to go. *yawns*
and i kickstarted my post-exam celebration well =)
been partying hard for three nights in a row. hanging out and enjoying life. i havent had a good night's sleep for more than 4 days now except for the miserable 3 or 4 hours. lol. am so exhausted and drained of all my energy. so am gonna sleep for at least 16 hours now =)
not gonna blog right now. but just wanted to update peeps that i am officially free!!!
it's time to let down my hair and party hard!!! start and end everyday with a smile on my face =)

*and i'm not gonna let stupid lil things that people do, to dampen my mood.

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