Sunday, June 21, 2009

for the one man

who has been
walking with me for as long as i remember
walking in front of me to guide my path
walking behind me to support me and catch me if i fall
walking in my shadows looking out for me.
for all the slaps and cane marks as i was growing up to make me learn
for all the teary long talks all through the night to help me get back on my feet
for all the jokes and laughter
for all the late night calls to make sure that i am safe
for all the arguments which made me grow
for all the material things which made me a spoilt brat=)
for the hatred i had against you which i have grown past
and for the love trust and respect i have grown to have for you
for all 18years (and still counting ) as your little baby princess =)

*cheers* daddy
for the tough past 18years messy compilation of
joy, pride, disappointments, sorrow, anger and happiness.

which reminds me that i have yet to sort out my pictures. urgh.

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