Monday, June 22, 2009

waking up on the wrong side of bed

most of the time, or rather, all of the time, i get mad and upset over the silliest and smallest things ever. it all starts when i didnt sleep well the night before. or wake up to find that someone left the curtains open or lights on. or when my aircon/fan is switched off.

i get especially moody, upset and snappy when i wake up involuntarily to noises like construction works or irritating dogs barking or people talking or music or other people's alarm clock or just any noise at all. and my whole day is completely screwed. like today.

i woke up to mum screaming on top of her lungs and throwing a tantrum like a kid complaining bout everything and anything which she didnt like, like the fact that i am on holiday and have nothing to do. and am always sleeping when she leaves for work and when she came home from work. hello. i didnt sleep through it all okay? and what is it with being upset and angry just because someone else is free and you're not?

urgh. women and their jealousy. lol.

anyways, as expected. i had an awful day. everything seemed to get on my nerves. even when my car aircon takes 2mins to cool the car when i want to drive in the noon. and when i cant crack my knuckles though they feel awfully numb. and when radio deejays keep yakking non stop and keep playing crap songs. and when my laptop takes forever to start. and when i step on my unpacked bags lying on the floor. and when irritating people keep making misscalls and sending endless pointless messages. and when burger rush is slow to react to clicks. and the list goes on and on.

did i mention that i realised that i am a horrible driver. i am terribly impatient. like seriously. honestly, i dont think i'm much of a competent driver. but people tend to try to bully me on the road just because i'm a young girl driving with a P sticker. people try to squash me out of the road and cut my queue. like today.

wtf is wrong with these people? and i'm not a slow driver, mind you.

and i do get very irritated with drivers who are inconsiderately slow, thinking that the road belongs to their grandpas. and indecisive drivers who swerve from right to left and back again, or leave their signals on when they dont intend to turn. wtf! or when people dont move forward when the car in front has moved or when they leave huge gaps to allow other inconsiderate people to cut the queue. what is wrong with these people?!?

and people who are constantly dreaming. come on. move immediately when the green light is on larh people! what on earth is the counter for if you people continue to dream as if you dont know when the light is going to turn green. green means go okay? not start to put away your newspaper or pda or compact mirror and take your own sweet time to move. these people are so fucking brainless and selfish. and people who stop suddenly in the mid of the road. hello. people following behind you will be stuck when you do that wan okay? urgh. the worst is following behind a motorcyclist who rides in the middle of the road. urgh.

i can go on ranting forever. but i'm not. being upset over everything is tiring. really.

okay. i seriously need to try and sleep before i start getting mad at another stupid thing. goodnight.

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