Tuesday, June 30, 2009

why, oh why?!?

i've been staring at my akon tickets which had been sitting on my bedside table collecting dust for a whole month now, anticipating to party with babygirl Irene at the upcoming beach party rocked by Akon, scheduled on this thursday.

and WTF is wrong with Akon? =(
now he says that he wants to postpone it to the 24th of October?!?!
i dont want refunds.
i dont want a postponed concert.
i dont want 24th october
i dont want to wait another 3 fuckin months.
i want to go for the goddamn concert.
and i want to go for it on this thursday.
somebody please kidnap Akon here for me? pleasseeee...

enough ranting. i made my point. i am upset and uber disappointed.
because i made plans and i have been anticipating this event for a looonnngggg time. =(

i made plans to go back to kl on wednesday. and because akon's concert is postponed. daddy insists that i only go back to kl on sunday. of course i can always take the bus down to kl first since daddy wont let me drive my car back alone on the weekdays when he is not free to accompany me.
but then again, why go through so much fuss?

this weekend happens to be a 'happening' week with plans =( a weekend i've been looking forward to.

for ladies night with allen's buddies at barcelona on thursday after akon's concert,

and for elayne's birthday party at Quattro on fri night,

an uber-hot pic of me and elayne, who's turning 19 this weekend, making the guys go gaga =)
i have a growing fascination and chemistry towards women. but just pure physical attraction to the hawt ones with long gorgeous locks, luscious lips and curves to lust after =) especially those hot asses. *slaps self*
nahh. i'm still straight and very turned on by men with pumped manly chest and arms =)
and btw, why do men fantasize bout threesome with two women who are bisexual? why isnt two hawt straight women in a threesome enough for them? why does the threesome has to involve intimate contact between the women? why isnt it enough for both women to be 'focused' on the man and not to involve with any lesbo acts with the other girl? women dont fantasize bout threesome with two bisexual guys. threesome with two straight guys is good enough. so why are girls expected to be bisexual? selfish men.
okayy. i'm being sooo random. lol.

and staying over with buddy adrian whom i havent seen for a loooonnnggg time

and plans for saturday nite out, made with jonathon and the singaporeans who are coming to kl again this weekend to party with kenzo, the hawt korean guy and gang =)

i am soooo sorry=(

sigh. oh well.

i'll be a good girl and stay home with mum till the end of the week.

on a lighter note,
this is what two months of well deserved break of staying home to relax and unwind did to me =)

(dont mind the make-up-less face and uncombed bed-hair)

tata eye bags and dull dark skin and tired-ness.
hello to healthy glow and smiles (provided that i had good sleep and am in a good mood =.='')
ah well. see?
number one sign of maturity --- saying no to late nights out and learning to staying home =)
ps: second sign of maturity --- i know how to change a car tyre already =)
pss: third sign of maturity --- learning to eat tasty big onions in my food and instead of throwing em all out of the plate. =))
psss: i am talking to both jonathon and alane. and i am thinking that i'll still go down on friday anyway >.<

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