Saturday, July 11, 2009

update! =)

it's freaking frustrating that the wifi at my new place isnt up yet. might have to wait another week. urgh.
anyways. just wanted to update that i'm back in kl already.
it's different. so different.
and i think i liked how things were a couple months back. but i guess there is no turning back. this is what i'll have to live with. in denial and trying to pretend that things are still the same.
and my drinking problem is coming back to me. drinking out at four to five times a week. urgh. as much as i hate to admit it. i'm starting to realise that i do need alcohol to do a lot of things i would not do when i'm sober, or say things i've always wanted to say, but never had the guts to. i hide too much things inside unsaid and it's starting to eat me from within.
call me immature.
at least i am still able to drive home safely every night no matter how 'late/early' it is and shower no matter how tired i am, and still wake up at 8am despite the lousy one hour sleep, shower and dress nicely and hide every sign of tiredness, to go to class at 9am and sit through it without falling asleep =)
and btw, people in kl and pj drive like mad cows. everyone is completely reckless, regardless of whether they really know how to drive or not. i never really noticed how crazy these people are until i start driving here and experience it first hand. it's really difficult to drive especially when my 'skills' are horribly limited and i have completely no sense of direction =.='' thank god for gps =)
anyways, gtg. off for a bit of pampering and sauna >.<

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