Friday, August 28, 2009

jogoya jogoya jogoya =)

i was supposed to go to genting yesterday to drink with some friends, and the buggers changed their mind yesterday morning. anyway. i was having early dinner with him at 7 and he suddenly mentioned bout going to jogoya. so yeah. jogoya it was. mad no? =) jogoya's supper session is from 9.40 till 12. guess what time we reached?
almost 11 =( it was quite disappointing that minus the time spent walking round and round, we didnt have much time left to eat. barely even any time at all to take pictures =.=''
whenever i go for buffet, i must make sure that i eat enough to make up for the money i paid. i did eat rm50 (or a bit more) worth of food, which was basically oysters, sashimi, prawns, and more oysters.

the empty sushi bar =(

salmon sashimi and raw oysters =)

baked oyster and a happy me =)

weeee.. chocolate fountain weyy! i was like a kid beaming with delight, smiling happily, while dipping marshmellows with chocolate. i think i must've eaten a dozen of those. =)

met up with the chicks and their bf's =)

the disappointing amount of food i had =(
nevertheless, i'll be going there again tonight with my uni friends =) yayy. >.<


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