Tuesday, September 1, 2009

weekender =)

Friday night. 28th Aug

our table for 12 at jogoya =)
the crowd was insane, imagine having to queue for some 15mins even with reservation. anyway, i went mad over the oysters and chocolate fondue again. but this time around, i had more fish and ice cream =) havent gotten the rest of the pics though. but it was an awesome night out with uni mates.


the insane amount of wastage.

drove up to genting afterwards. reaching at about 2am =)

it isnt quite clear in pictures. but the view of kl from the mid of genting, was amazing. simply breathtaking.

me in genting old town kopitiam at 4 in the morning sipping on hot chocolate. forcing a smile while i was freezing like mad. it was drizzling and expectionally windy. plus, i was such a smarty ass to wear a short skirt with knee length boots. it was so cold that it was painful. =( at the end of the day, my thighs and ass were numb like hell =.=''
Saturday. 29th Aug

sat nite out with sash & jim and the others at The Ship and stayed for the cabaret show before moving on to pgrm to drink. and this time around, i found the guts from booze to dance at the 'stripper's pole' =) got home at almost 6am, vomiting like mad. =.=''
Sunday 30th Aug
i really really wanted to go and countdown on the streets and watch fireworks display. =( but i guess most of my friends are not really in the 'merdeka spirit'. =.=''
went to a new pub in sunway to drink again.

awful night out. seriously. the thing with 'feng tau cheong' is that the music is so loud that you'll find it difficult to breathe. it makes all our insides vibrate to the techno beats so badly that you somehow feel like coughing and throwing up all the time. try standing right in front of the speaker in clubs. that's how you would feel when you get to pubs like this, even when you're standing at the furthest end from the speaker. and the lousy dj doesnt even know how to spin. urgh. you'ld ask, why do i go anyway? i guess i do find it amusing to watch the funny things people do when they are high on drugs and at times, it can be enjoyable, and definitely a good change from good ol' rnb clubs which can get boring.
anyway, i was so tired that night and fell asleep while sitting on the velvet couch at the furthest end. it was awful that i was rudely awaken by cops barging in and having the music turned off and lights turned on. everything's fine though. there is only one thing in malaysian officials minds, money money and more money.

went home at about 5am and slept till 5pm =) i think puppy monster was really really cold from all 12hours of air con and snuggled next to me under the comforter with his little head on my pillow. awwww.. =)
Monday 31st Aug

went all the way to klang. for the awesome 'fried porridge' and crabs cooked with ginger and eggs for dinner =)
headed to sunway at about 8pm since its the last day of mega sale. it was by far the most effective shopping trip i've ever had. in two hours. this was what i managed to get. (most of the time, i'ld shop from noon till night, and not manage to buy anything at all =.='')

say hello to my new baby =)

and vincci sandals, all on 50% off =) mum would kill me if she ever has any idea of how many shoes i really have. heh.

31st aug = 31% off baskin robbins.

i even had time to sit down nicely to enjoy a whole pint of baseball nut and pistachio almond with him =)
and i really dont wanna go to class tomorrow =( *yawns*.

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