Wednesday, September 2, 2009

jogoya last fri

jogoya entrance.

look at the massive 'with reservation' crowd weyy.

our table for twelve

japanese food =)

sushi bar

sashimi bar *two thumbs up*

dim sum station

teppanyaki station

malaysian food station

chinese dishes

more chinese food

chinese =)

cocktail and drinks bar

haagen daz station

dessert station

chocolate fountain =)

just some of us *cheers*
everytime you kiss me,
i hope it isnt the last
everytime you hold me in your arms and look me in the eye,
i'ld pray the moment lasts forever
everytime you promise, i'ld hope you would keep it
everytime you smile, i'd wish i was the reason
everytime you lie, i'ld just smile and believe you
i'ld do everything and anything, to keep you from leaving
when you walk out the door, i'ld hope you'll come home tonight.
back to me. who will be waiting.

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