Sunday, December 6, 2009

quick update!

if you're wondering what this image ( which i stole from google images) is about,
it's my holiday destination (in less than two weeks)! PHUKET!

yeap. none other than the haven for


nahh. we're obviously not there for the last part. but ah well. phuket, or rather thailand in general, is infamous for its sex industry, all the beer bars and strip clubs with 'hostesses' and sleazy horny men, go-go dancers, sex workers and hanky panky massages/spas and of course, the ladyboys.

ANYWAY, been pretty busy these few days planning the holiday. since our plan for a luxury cruise didnt work out due dad's not-so-flexible working days which couldnt meet the ship's fixed weekday schedules, PHUKET it is =)

we decided to upgrade the hotel in our tour package as the hotel we were given was pretty much disappointing since it had bad reviews and darn far from the hot spots and the beach.

i must say, it was a DAUNTING task going through the hotel listings.

on Patong 2km beach ( which is the most populated and happening beach ) itself lays almost 2 freaking hundred hotels. ranging from budget hotels to super luxury resorts. like seriously, the hotels are like mushrooms on fertile soil. every hotel is surrounded by hotels, hotels and more hotels. when i finally find a suitable hotel, the location is sometimes disappointing, ie too far from the beach or too far from the nightspot hotspots. or when i get a suitable location, the hotels are pretty much disappointing or WAYYY out of budget. ah well.

finally decided on four star PATONG BEACH HOTEL located at the heart of the buzzling town and just across the street from the beach. owh, and its not true what people say about accomodation in phuket. the truth is, for the price of a five star hotel in KL, you can barely get a three star hotel in Phuket. ah well. as people say, the whole island is a tourist trap.

the room.

the hotel layout.
now all i have to do is count the days till the 17th and of couse, stock up on sunscreen =)
simply cant wait!

at the moment, i'm hooked on tvb drama BORN RICH. though i have to say, its not a very good movie. lousy plot. lousy actors. lousy budget. if you like watching controversial hongkong dramas on the lives of the rich. you'll be pretty disappointed with the show.
but since i hate not completing a series and being left half hanging in any drama, i shall persevere till the end. hah!

oh. and i'm completely hooked on TYPING MANIAC. btw, for those who havent know, i'm finally on facebook. peer pressure. ah well.

frustrating, yet very addictive. it's good to know i have achieved level 26 and have evolved into a ROBOT =)
till the next post, cheers.

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