Thursday, December 31, 2009

end of 2009

and i havent been blogging, or generally, online much for the past two weeks cz the connection at my place is down. prefer not to talk bout my private life so much now that i realised it isnt that private anymore.

anyway, just wanted to post something since its the last day of 2009 already. just to recap and flash back on the whole year which passed in a blink of an eye.

my 2009 resolutions:

1 ) to not get drop dead drunk
well. i definitely succeeded in keeping this. =)
2 ) to lose 10kg and 4inches off my waist. heh.
mission failed. miserably. bleh.
3 ) to pass all subjects in law school
yea. passed. period.
4 ) to not waste time dating guys who are just not mr right
well. i suppose i have not seriously 'dated' anyone but i've obviously wasted and still wasting a lot of time on someone who isnt and will not be mr right. ah well.
5 ) to learn to say no to late nights out
old habits die hard.
6 ) to turn up for at least 3days of classes a week ( and stay awake through it )
occasionally i do =)
7 ) to spend more time with friends whom i feel i have neglected lately
not really. urgh.
8 ) to buy only one pair of heels a month =.=''
mission accomplished =)
9 ) to do homework and pass up assignments on time
always did
10) to not sleep more than 10 hours a day
most of the time =)
11) to go home more often and fight less with mum and care more about my family
12) to spend less money on unnecessary =.=''
13) to keep long hair until it passes my boobs. heh.
still hasnt. urgh.
14) to be nicer to people
i suppose
15) to not procrastinate important things and lose my dont-care-attitute
still a lazy procrastinator. urgh.

looking back at 2009. its been quite a bitter sweet year. a year whereby a lot of false hopes were given and crashed. a year where i've been through so much that i've really grown. emotionally. quite a year of happy sweet memories and yet, a balanced share of down moments. there are things which regret and i wish i could change, but then again, life goes on. and there are memories which i cherish and would hold on to, as years pass me by.

as 2009 comes to an end, all i can say is thanks for the great memories and the great year. hopefully 2010 will hold better blessings for me. am gonna have a quiet year end dinner with him, work and party hard while ushering in the new year, and of course, rock the after party =)

cheers to all you peeps out there and have a happy happy 2010!

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