Monday, December 21, 2009

sneak peek of phuket

i'm back!! from the perfect getaway to the awesome breathtaking PHUKET =)

below are just some pictures of our vacation, in no particular order.

phuket carnival 2009!! parties on the beaches day and night =)

coral island beach.

rawai beach

elephant trekking at island safari

sunset at phromtehp cape (phuket's must-go attraction)


pictures from our seabed adventure. we are taken into the middle of the ocean and wear 'spacemen' headgear which are pumped and filled with oxygen and pushed deep down 30 meters into the ocean. to walk on the seabed. as soon as u get over the ear pressure problem, and get used to the heavy oxygen-filled headgear, the view was BREATHTAKING. even better than snorkelling and scuba diving. you get to walk on the seabed and take pictures with the corals and fishes.
gosh. it was really an experience! definitely a first time for us=)

just two of the 30 pictures i had from the seabed. taken by the scuba divers. the pictures itself cost 750baht (rm75) per roll! not to mention the 1700baht(rm170) fee for a 30min walk on the seabed. but for an experience lik that, definitely worth the price! =)

beach shopping =)

patong beach super happening nightlife.

i miss phuket already =)
stay tuned for the rest in my facebook!
oh, and i'll be back to kl tomorrow. wooottt!!!

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