Saturday, January 2, 2010

1/1/2010 nightmare car crash

it brings tears to my eyes, over and over again seeing the condition of my car. because i really know i am the luckiest person in the entire world to survive something as horrible as this.
it all happened last night, 1st january 2010 at 8.45 pm whereby i was driving on federal highway to midvalley. i was in the middle lane and did not notice that i was nearing midvalley city's exit till the very last minute when i decided to put on my signal and turn left expecting the left driver to slow down and give way to me. i sped up my car to overtake the driver and all i remember was the car from the left knocked into my car and i lost control of my car. my immediate response was to swerve to the left. in a split second, everything happened. i crashed onto the left metal railing and my car spun around causing it to smash up and the metal piercing right into my car. at that moment, i really thought that this IS the end. people always say that when you near death, your whole life flashes back on you. it didnt. i was in disbelief and i thought it was just a small accident.
the next second, two good samaritans knocked on my passenger window and asked me if i was okay. i tried to open my driver's door whereby i realised that all the insides were crashed and i was almost trapped in my seat which was stuck. i had to pull myself out and crawl out the door. that was when everything started to overwhelm me. i saw what had happened and was completely stunned. although i have not met any accidents before, i know that with an impact like that and the damage onto my car, i should have been dead. the good samaritans gave me a phone and asked me if i wanted to go to the clinic.
the first thing i did was call him, crying. and he came all the way to make sure i was alright. as i sat on the pathway, more and more people came over to see if i was alright. i suppose being a sole female driver involved in a crash like this, everyone does tend to be symphathetic. next was highway enforcement officers and tow truck operators bugging me. i sat there confused, while the good samaritans got me tissues to wipe my blood off and even got an umbrella to shelter me from the drizzling rain.
calling my parents was the second thing which came to mind. my family drove all the way from ipoh to kl right away to see if i was okay. aunt and uncle who were living nearby came and brought me to the traffic police headquarters to lodge a report. i really am not in a mood to talk about the authority of the police and money politics, but it did take some trouble to settle the things. next was meeting my family who were here already and crying like mad. went to the clinic to clean my wounds and back to uncle's place for some rest.
i spent some time talking on the phone and texting people to tell them i was alright. he reminded me again and again about how lucky i really am, judging from the seriousness of the accident. at the speed i was going, i could have crashed right through the railing instead of spinning around, i would have ended up jumping right off the flyover to crash head first on the motorcycle lane down there and into the river. the metal railing even pierced into my car, missing my body inches away. had it hit me or any part of my body, i would have been dead, if not, completely paralysed for life. had i not been wearing my seatbelt, i would be thrown out of my seat smashing my head onto the shattered windshield. everyone who was at the scene keep telling me how extremely lucky i am. i really am.
i dont know what's next. i dont know if i would be called to court and be fined, or if my probation license would be revoked. i dont know how i would commute around without the convenience of my own car. i guess i always have to learn things the hard way. but then again, is there any point of appreciating something when its already gone? if i could turn back time, there really is soooo much which i would wish i could have changed, but i cant. i would have to thank the guardian angel watching my back who made sure i was gonna make it through this, alive and in one piece.
it really is an amazing miracle that i survived this, in one piece, what more barely injured except for the little bruising from the impact and little scratches here and there from being cut by the shattered glass. it really is a painful lesson which i had to experience first hand.
if you go to midvalley on federal highway from pj area, you would be able to see some plastic barriers on your left replacing the metal railings which i crashed. to all drivers out there, be careful on the road.
i still wish i can wake up from this horrible nightmare or rewind time and go back to avoid the accident. i dont know if i would be this lucky the second time around, but i know for sure, i am grateful for this chance to start over, this whole miracle is a blessing.


Anonymous said...

u r 1 lucky gal. I was so shock to c ur car in this kind of condition. lucky the car beside u wasnt speeding if not i wont dare to imagine. anyways no matter wat is the out come of ur case, u r truely bless and pls take good care of urself.


chen_tingyi said...

sorry...i dunno hw 2 comfort u...but i m glad 2 heard tat u r fine...
take care

雨银 said...

gosh sweetie..
luckily u are still here...
luckily i still have u...
luckily i din lost u..
i cant imagine my life without u...
take k ok??
n hope tat u can wake up from tis nightmare...

-LuVeRGaL- said...

Mave? Thanks for d well wishes. I'm reli extremely lucky i guess, n i dont take tat forgranted. Btw, do we know each other?

Tingyi, thanks sweetheart. I'm okay. U take care too.

Mama, i'm ok dun worry. I miss u much n u muz learn from my mistake k? Muax. Love u much.

Anonymous said...

well, it doesnt really matter that if we really know each other. just caring for a friend thats all :)