Friday, March 26, 2010

back on track

fast fast say i look fab! =)

now i suggest you click the 'x' on the right top corner of your screen. cause this post is full of vain pictures you dont wanna see.

escape now. really.

still here? i suppose you love me so much dont you? =)

see. i told you already.
just got home from work. so tired from a whole day researching stuff for internal moots at the law library and rushing to work after that. but i really bersemangat to blog right now. so you, who are reading right now, have to bersemangat to read what i write and stare at my vain pics long long okayyy??
made a comeback at work tonight after an absence of 2 weeks. nothing much changed. but i suppose, i did change quite a bit. both physically and attitute-wise.
going to work tonight reminds me again why i love my job so much. hmm. let me just simply list down a couple of things i love bout my work:
1) reason for me to doll up!
2) gossip with the girls at work!
3) trash and laugh about other people
4) meet new friends and engage in small talk with random people
5) party and dance
6) kill time
7) the crowd, the place and the ambience
8) free drinks! hah!
9) definitely the good pay =)))
10) everything! whats there not to love?

i dont know if you guys noticed, i'm bursting with sooooo much positive vibes. few days ago, i was drowning in depression. now, i'm super optimistic and positive. dont know why, but i suppose its a good thing, aint it?
i guess i'm starting to look at things from a better perspective. at one point, i thought i could never live without him. but hey, i survived. so fuck everything else.
i suppose this the phase where the rainbow appears after a massive hailstorm? hmm.
although i am disappointed that things did not work out the way i wanted it to, but i believe that there's a blessing in disguise. when one door closes, many others opens. i believe that great things are yet to happen.

for now, am just gonna be happy and love myself. walking away might not suck that bad afterall.


just one last pic before i go to bed.
for the people who love me and whom i love dearly. muahhh~~

XOXO. you know i love you peeps!

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