Sunday, March 28, 2010

short, simple and sweet.

outfit of the night =)
casual, simple and sweet!

just got home and am so pissed over some stupid things which happened about half and hour ago due to an 'encounter' with our late night enforcement officers and their corrupted mindset. had been a great night if not for these pathetic buggers. anyhow, its always nice to know that our money can easily buy them away. seriously, how much cheaper can these fuckers get?? *rolls eyes*

anywayy, not gonna let that ruin my mood today.=)

by the way, i went dress hunting yesterday =)))) check out my loot! yayy!

all fifteen dresses. am gonna stop complaining bout nothing to wear for... hmm lets see. a month? heh.

check out my necklace. a pink heart with a cutesy pink ribbon =)
damn in love with it right now!

goodnite peeps. (or rather goodmorning to those who are already awake by now) and i hope you got images of me stuck in your head later tonight while you try to fall asleep =)

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