Saturday, April 3, 2010

vain pics you dont wanna see

outfit for friday night at work.
super love the dress! =)

btw, i've been busy lately rushing for the moot presentation last wednesday. hence, the absence. basically moot is some sort of practical for law students to give insight on how to prepare for a case and argue it out in front of the judges.

in formal black and white =)

my learned co counsels.

hah =) the appellants.
i'm just so relieved that it is over. but now, i've got more things to worry about. number one, that finals is around the corner and i seriously have COMPLETELY NO IDEA what this whole semester is about. send me a saviour pls!

thursday night private party with rich stucked up arrogant bastards. the thing i hate the most bout these kind of people is that they think their money makes the world go round and everyone should worship them. wtf. i would have bombarded him if it wasnt for a good friend who asked for a favour that i just turn a deaf ear to things that bastard says.
ah well. rich people and their ridiculous patterns.

mad love the layered top =)

weehee =) super love how my legs look in this pic!!! =)

friday night camwhoring at work.

p.s: i got my paycheck for february and first half of march already. super happy! hence, the super good mood.
damn. i love my job. =) be jealous! hehehehe.
gotta dress up for movie and dinner with bernard who came back from singapore. and work hard hard for my bosses who reward me very very nicely. =))))

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