Wednesday, July 7, 2010

desserts. sugar rush. and rantings.

its 3.30am and i'm feeling absolutely crappy sulking and watching re-runs of '2 and half men' on starworld which isnt funny anymore while having gardenia butterscotch with honey. running through pictures on my computer of toy toy doesnt help either.

while he is stuck at dog hotel for two weeks, i'm stuck at home in ipoh. counting down the days till i get to hug toy toy to sleep, rub his furry tummy, and get annoyed with him and his continuous attempts to hump me. although he seriously drives me up the wall and kao kao annoys me to the max at times , but i still love him soooo much! =)
on a random thought. i am dying to shop. damn. the last time i shopped was like a month ago.

ooh. my new love. emporio armani =DDD
which reminds me of stuff i have been seeing on facebook. more and more people are coming up with albums of pictures of their shopping loot. of course, a lot of people want to show off their shopping loot. the designer bag. the expensive shoes. a branded jacket. collectibles and their new gadgets. and what nots. what's the point of buying branded items if it wasnt for showing off anyway, right?
but what caught my eye was this girl's random album of a completely random 'shopping trophy'. i clicked on it expecting to swoon and drool over perhaps a new arrival gucci bag or a pair of christian louboutin killer heels.
but apparentlyy..
the so-called 'trophy'...
jeng jeng jeng jeng.. *drumrolls*
were just a couple of hair products.
wait just yet. that's not my point. just read on.
imagine this while scrolling the pictures of her trophies on facebook.
[ picture of the hair products]
( picture caption)
this is my new schwarzkopf shampoo and conditioner and hair mask i bought which cost me rm300!
her friend: wahhh. you use so expensive hair products ar? i use rm10 ones only =(
her: no la. where got expensive? cheap only la. =)
*smacks forehead* and *rolls eyes*
like seriously??!!!???
first of all.
do you SERIOUSLY need to upload such random things like hair products you use on your facebook? i understand showing off a new car, even a new iphone/ipad or jimmy choo's. but essential hair product? do you get money for commercial or something??
do you REALLY need to have a caption like that? and bitch about how expensive it is when nobody asked anyway.
do you HONESTLY mean what you say in the comment? if it was not expensive, in other words, cheap and common and doesnt mean anything much to you, WHY ON EARTH would you post it on facebook with the price tag on and tag your friends?!?
i mean i dont mind, in fact, i love stalking people's facebook pictures (since i have nothing better to do) and drool over other people's prada dan louis vuittons. i admit i do post pictures of my shopping loot on my blog also.
but this?
the whole random expensive shampoo and price tag and insincere comment and photo tags?
utter nonsense.
well, let me just tell you what i think.
she's afraid nobody knows that she uses schwarskopf.
she's afraid nobody knows how 'expensive' it is.
she wants the all 1k of her fb friends to know the 'shopaholic' she is and that she uses expensive shampoo.
just another attention seeking joker trying to show off worthless 'trophies'.
ah well.
i'm seriously craving for something sweet. am having such a sweet tooth lately.

would die to have starbuck's blueberry cheesecake with rich ice blended chocolate and whipped cream NOW. *slurps*
which reminds me.
of desserts. though its really overdue, but since i'm bored out of my mind, i'ld just do a humble 'review' of two 'more popular' dessert chains in klang valley.


they have a couple of franchises but i only remember seeing the one at one utama LG, somewhere near subway and petsmore. i went to the kepong one =)

hah =) the amount the both of us had. quit asking why i'm getting so fat. =.=
clockwise from bottom.
mango with sago ice shaving. sweet balls and crushed peanuts. some disgusting beancurd thingy. durian pancake. and black sesame soup.

noms. two of my favs.
the sweet potato balls with crushed peanuts on the left. noms. its was GOOOOODDDD =)))
and black sesame soup which was really good except that it is so filling. its like cheesecake. the first few bites (or in this case, scoops) are soooo good, but after a downing half, it makes you feel so sick of it like you wanna puke if you try and force more down.

man. this shit is real good. i tell you.
though it's really pricey (rm9) for two pieces of durians and whipped cream wrapped in some (dont-know-what-its-called-skin ), its so FUCKING HEAVENLY GOODDDD!!!!!
(wait, that doesnt sound right), but who cares? its soooo goodd my mouth is watering even as i type this. durian lovers would adorrrrreeee it =)

must LOVE their wallpaper and interior! =) classy and relaxed.

noms =)

next up,

saw a branch in kepong also, but i had the one in ss2. yeap. and i didnt know about it till ciara, bestie from ipoh came to stay with me in june told me. for someone who has been staying in pj for 2 years, i was embarrassed. but..
in my defence, NOONE brought me there! though i live in ss2, but somehow, the grass is greener on the other side. food at further places always seem yummier. in fact, i RARELY eat at ss2. =.=

anyway, the desserts.

clockwise from bottom.
durian pancake. peanut soup. water chestnut soup . 'tong yuen'. sweet potato balls with crushed peanuts. and the big bowl is pomelo and sago soup.
the durian pancake was just disappointing. it would seem alright if that is the only durian pancake you have tried, but once you try HONEYMOON's durian pancake? you wouldnt want to settle for less. the peanut soup was good. but then again, i have not tried HONEYMOON's. others were so-so. pretty disappointing since i really did expect a lot.
on a lighter note, DESSERT BROTHER is a bit less pricey than HONEYMOON DESSERTS.
AND, they have two choices of servings. a standard, and a smaller version which i really liked. cause i like to try out a variety of desserts, but can never/ or get sick of it before i even finish (either one first) the big standard versions.

ignore the shitty face. it was 1.30am okayyy.
and right before you get the ugly image of me stuck in your head,
here you go =)

love, viv.
goodnite peeps.

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