Thursday, July 8, 2010

vacation itch.

weehee. my pink leopard print nail art =)

have been browsing through gorgeous pictures of beach getaways and vacation destinations. and no thanks to huiyee who uploaded tons of BEAUTIFUL pictures of Redang, which i have been dying to go, since god-knows-when, but never worked out anyway.. yet.

the point is, i am DYING to go on holiday.

a real holiday.

the kind where i wake up late afternoon to have hotel buffet breakfast, spend the noon seeing places and playing water sports, evening stroll at the beach and sunset dinner, and cocktails by the beach. sigh. =(

anyway, just thought of uploading some pictures from a spontaneous 'trip' to genting some time ago.

since it was a weekday, i was expecting no queue. no crowd.


it was crowded with kids. cz coincidently, it was school holiday.
*rolls eyes*

tank top, shorts and knee length velvet boots =)

checked into theme park hotel cz there were no return bus tickets left. technically we were stranded. so yeah.

camwhore while waiting for rides.

ooohhh. and they have these lil stainless steel 'benches' to sit on while waiting. mad LOVE!!

i swear to god it was cold as hell. the wind was crazy crazy strong plus it was really cold and my thighs were so numb it was literally frozen. in fact i was just trembling while standing out there in the cold. madness. somebody please remind me next time to never underestimate how cold genting is (at times).

japanese sweet potato! so fucking GOODDDD =))

yummmssss =) nothing beats piping hot bak kut teh in the cold!

oohhh. and i rode on that ride at least 3 consecutive times. in front =)

the flume ride which got us wet and cold like mad. as if it isnt cold enough =.=
went shopping for awhile to buy some extra clothes to change into since the trip was completely spontaneous and we did not pack beforehand.

oh. and coincidently, there was this branded items sale going on. so we headed there hoping to score some really nice stuff. =)

right. and the two transparent 'pasar' plastic bags on the left were from the sale =.=
authentic Swiss Polo belt and wallet, Jojo sunnies and Triumph lingerie. in those two sad bags. *rolls eyes*.

went for drinks at Safari later at night. weehee. i must say their Blue Lagoon was real good. strong yet very smooth. =)
then headed back early to catch 8 awesome hours of sleep in the cold, tucked under warm smooth clean sheets and comfy bed =))))

brunch at Old Town which is directly opposite the hotel.

cabel car ride down =)
now seriously. somebody take me on a holiday =( a real one.

love, viv.

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