Tuesday, July 20, 2010


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its the time of the month again, and i am frustrated. every single thing seems to get on my nerves. like when brainless morons call early in the morning with random unknown numbers and ASK ME WHO I AM. WTF. you dont call someone and ask the person who he/she is. and i barely just fell asleep, hence i was extra annoyed. and he seemed to not get it and kept calling again and again. f his life. pleasepleaseplease PLEASE DO NOT CALL ME EARLY IN THE MORNING, or before 2pm, for NO APPARENT REASON.

everybody knows i'm extra cranky in the morning.

only if its really important and really urgent like if someone i love is locked up in jail/ admitted into ER (choy!), or for good reasons like i won 1millionUSD jackpot or if some filthy rich man wants to marry/ splurge on me right away. the reason can wait, so do WAIT.

even the AC in my room not cold enough also seem to kao kao annoy me. okay laa, its not HOT, its just not COLD despite being at its fullest already. fml. and tons of mosquitos in the house cause apparently i 'forgotten' to close the windows last evening. plus, i got no mosquito repellents nor sprays. fml.

i'm like seriously frustrated. especially sexually. everyone knows that women are horniest when they are menstruating. okay laa, not ALL women. i suppose most virgins wont feel horny when they are menstruating since they dont know how good sex makes them feel anyway, no? but sexually active women with high libido do. being deprived of sexual satisfaction and big O's does not help either.

i am starting to think that mood swings related to periods are actually due to sexual frustration. not much of period itself cause having period isnt that hard to deal with. but being deprived of big O's and sexual satisfaction is.

okay la, you still can have sex during your period. but the whole mess, blood all over, and high risk of std? no thanks. i suppose i wont die if i wait another week. but do expect emotional breakdowns and lots of mood swings.

all i do all day is sleep in late, wake up, munch on dark chocs, online and watch tv, read womens' mags on tips to achieve the big O and then, get even more sexually frustrated by reading erotic stories/blogs and not being able to get it off. SIGH.

on a happier note, it gives me a reason to have back massages to ease the soreness in my lower back during period. reason to hog the massage chair all day! reason to do nothing all day! maybe its just pure laziness speaking =)

on a random note, been reading some erotic blogs lately, and i stumbled upon one particular blog which made me change my perspective on a lot of things. like one-night-stand phenomenon/ win-win arrangements and gold-digging culture.

warning: explicit/ controversial content. not meant for the faint hearted, narrow minded and shallow morons.

first of all, i am NOT in any way encouraging vice activities and indulging in sexual acts, prostitution and whoring out your body for materialistic things. if you choose to read, do read with an open mind, if not, goodbye and leave. thankyouverymuch.

lets face it. this is no longer the 60s where pre-marital sex is frowned upon and offenders are drown by villagers in pig cages or tied up in trees where fellow villagers curse and stone them to death.

sex is like.... um, alcohol? some people drink, some dont. it is a choice. those who drink get an extra high out of life, while those who dont, well, dont lose anything anyway. alcohol spices up your life, without it, your life is just plain mundane dull and boring. the same works for sex. it is accepted as long as you are old enough to have sex, or to drink in this case, as long as there is mutual consent between the adults and as long you do enjoy it responsibly. nobody, except the narrow-minded, will take offense. this is 2010, sex is so common and no longer a taboo where virgin brides are almost extinct!

those who are still saving yourselves for marriage? good for you. but are you sure that your future spouse will do the same? for all you know, your future husband was going on a fuck marathon banging willing girls all the way while you sit home depriving yourself of YEARS of pleasures and convince yourself that you will find an awesome virgin husband. and for the virgin boys who sit home hoping you'll one day score a good lil virgin girl? she had the head start and was in ecstasy having orgasms and having her desires, needs and fantasies fulfilled.

so live life to the fullest! but that's not my point.

if you are going to have sex with someone, might as well get the most out of it.

if you are there is chemistry between you and the gorgeous guy who is sexually attracted to you, AND he has the means and is willing to provide financial assistance, why not??

i am not saying that you should compromise or make 'beneficial arrangements' prior to the good time, or roughly said as, 'negotiating the price'. sex should be for mutual enjoyment and pleasures and there shouldnt be elements of force, coercion, undue influence or materialistic expectations. any extra bonus, other than achieving the big O, is solely up to two adult's discretion.

note this! there is a fine line between having sex for the money and getting money for the sex.

when you have sex for the money, money is your main concern and you are in a way selling yourself. this is how prostitutes work, they give sex (complimentary) in exchange for the money. like when someone pays you to do something, you are COMPELLED and OBLIGATED to help him.

getting money for sex is totally different because sex is your main concern. the financial assistance is complimentary. its like a token of appreciation for the good time. like when you tip a waiter for her impeccable service. the tip is complimentary for the service. offering money for sex is where you feel satisfied and appreciate the girl that you buy her gifts or give her financial assistance for more practical reasons.

makes more sense? give you two seconds to digest.



okay. say, if you are put in a position where you do go home with that someone, and the next day, he offers you money, enough for your rent, monthly expenses and two extra pairs of shoes. why not? honestly, when i was younger, i have been offered 'assistance' and 'gifts', but i took offense and felt offended by the gesture cause i did not want to feel like i whored myself out. but if you do read the blog and try and think rationally instead of flipping, you would think ' why not? '.

girls let their boyfriends/suitors/admirers/husbands buy them dinners and buy them gifts, whether little or expensive ones, in return of their 'love', commitment, time, sex or whatever reasons it is. it is acceptable because it just IS THE WAY THINGS ARE. so why is it not okay to let the guy who fucked you last night take you shopping and buy that expensive gucci you were dying for.

you see, even if feminists fight for womens' equality, liberation, independence and what nots, we still love men to pamper us. it just is the way things are. we want to be able to go out and work and have equal rights with our male counterparts and have our opinions heard and not have people being gender biased or discriminate us. but then, at the end of the day, we still want men to protect us, still want men to bring home the bread, still want men to love and pamper us. after all, we are the ones who are making the babies aren't we?

so why is our conservative community so defensive when it comes to girls accepting 'assistance' and 'tips' offered to them by men who appreciate the 'good times' they shared? if you do think about it rationally, it is very much similar aint it?

of course, accepting someone's gift doesnt compel you to do anything at all if you dont want to in the first place. but if you did have a good time with that someone with little expectations, and he DOES initiate/ offers to pay your rents and fuel your shopping needs, why not? think of it this way, you deserved it.

perks of being a female.

i mean, its okay for waiters to accept tips from patrons who appreciate their service. why is it not okay for women to accept tips from studs who appreciate their sensuality and femininity?

people who are defensive with this whole gold digging culture are the ugly and those who have not been lucky enough to be 'appreciated', and those who are poor to not be able to afford to 'appreciate' good times this way. and those who are just cannot get the hang of it and plain stubborn and refuse to digest the fact that this is how the world revolves, like it or not.

you dont see the beneficiaries complaining, dont you?

the world is unfair. suck it up people.

love, viv.


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i LOVE tis post totally gal..LOL...
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very very well said gurl~
u deserve men appreciate & luv u!!

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