Friday, July 30, 2010

toy toy love =)

absolutely love how my cameraphone captures the smallest details in picture, like how his gorgeous eyes twinkle with sleepiness, almost as if he's got tears in his eyes.

just a couple of days ago, i was crying and bawling desperately as i smacked his little furry body over and over again until my hands stung so badly and fingers bled with blisters.

it was just pure physical pain i inflicted on him, hoping that he'll learn his lesson for deliberately urinating on the bed, but the emotional pain i felt deep inside was beyond words. just one mistake, but it completely broke me.

but all is good now. he had been lovely. this few days. completely like a lil angel, so perfect and lovable. which reminds me how much i actually love him, and no matter what happens, i will fight for him and not give him up.

other than the times where he drives me up the walls, he is such a lovable lil boy who just wants extra attention and love.

*mommy loves babytoy much much kayyy? goodboy =) *

*smiles and hugs him tightly and kisses him on the forehead*

i know he looks pretty retarded due to the funky hair cut, but mommy still loves him nevertheless =)

ooohhh. the new pink travel bag i use to carry him in. have not 'successfully' dealt with his claustrophobia when zipped in the bag, but at least when he's in a good mood every now and then, he does stay inside the bag quietly =) quite an achievement considering that he has never been trained to stay in a bag cause i used to carry him in my arms whenever i brought him out. =)

after 30min walk we had today. he was so tired that he fell asleep in my arms. LOVE!

toy toy love =)

you know mommy love you to the bits. *muuuahhhhhh*

xoxo, viv.

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