Tuesday, July 13, 2010

future lawyers my ass.

awesome choc for mood boost. and this shit is seriously addictive!

uni reopened. and my lecture timetable is perfect. =) no 9am classes. yay! without ungodly 8am/9am classes, there is no need to wake up 2hours prior to beat the traffic and crap like that. yay!!! in fact, monday and wednesdays start at 10, while tuesday and thursdays start at 2pm!!! wooottt =D

just when i thought that this academic year would be great, ah. things come crashing.

i'm just so annoyed with the kiasu-ness and selfishness of some fellow coursemates. we have online registration system whereby priority is given to final year students, then third year, and so on.

compulsary courses are a breeze but fighting for your electives/minors is a pain in the ass. when final year students and fellow third year coursemates start 'booking' and holding on to electives for their 'buddies' and juniors, this is when it gets REALLY irritating. whats the point of giving priority to seniors to choose electives first, when in the end, it really is a race of kiasu-ness.

seriously. just take whatever you want/need. and leave it. quit booking and holding on the limited places for electives for the juniors. if everyone else can wait till their rightful turn to register for their courses, why cant they?

friends, even mum is telling me to go with the 'trend' and get seniors to book electives for me. fuck it la. this whole ' if you cant beat them, join them '' mentality seriously gets on my nerves. if everyone starts going with the flow, why dont we stop having laws and rules and whatever system to govern us since no one follows it anyway?

fuck it. you people are future lawyers acting like immature idiots afraid of running last in a rat race, perghh. future lawyers my ass.

oh. and our tutorials registration system. briefly, it is done manually whereby there are about 8-9 tutorial classes of different time slots to choose from and normally lecturers tryyy to do it in the fairest way possible. usually done randomly where students are given queue numbers and are expected to follow their queue in choosing their classes. of course, if you are unlucky, you will most probably end up with no choice but odd unwanted time slots. too bad then but that's life aint it?

what really annoyed me today was when some jokers started jumping the queue/ asking people to book places for them, and other smarty pants start to write/book/register time slots for their friends. again. kiasu, selfish, irritating and childish.

if everyone else can wait for their turn, why cant you?!!?

EVERYONE wants the 'nicer', 'more convenient' time slots. so stop being hypocrites by saying you say you want fair random procedures while you quietly plotting away with some other joker to make a fool out of the others who wait in their queue.

when really, you are just afraid that you will lose out if it were 'first come first served' basis. future lawyers my ass.

at the end of the day, everyone is selfish and afraid of losing out. stop acting like you are 'oh-so-innocent' and 'just-wanna-protect-yourself-from-being bullied'.

i still will NOT succumb to peer pressure of jumping the queue.

if you cant even be true to yourself and follow SIMPLE rules and procedures like this to be 'fair' to other people, i think you should drop out of law school and quit dreaming of fighting for 'justice' for other people because you cant even be fair to your coursemates.

if while you read this, you're thinking i'm just a naive lil girl who doesnt know how to play tactics to survive this unfair world, well fuck you. lets see who gets to the end then.

yes, i am obviously very pissed. future lawyers my ass. puii!! every year during registration, i am amused. with how these jokers make fools out of themselves.

being complete disgrace while potraying the true meaning of selfishness and kiasu-ness. *rolls eyes*

ah well.

xoxo, viv.

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