Saturday, July 10, 2010

untitled update

cant believe that two weeks of 'home arrest' actually passed already!! its my last night of holiday? wow. time really flies.

for the past two weeks, all i did was, sleep, eat, watch tv, online and sleep. most of my time was spent sleeping though =)

am so nervous. of having my lil 'secrets' revealed to my parents tomorrow when they send me back. i know i am like the most annoying person in the world cause lately i keep complaining, expressing my nervousness and begging literally EVERYBODY to help me out when there really isnt anything that can be done.

so please. pray hard hard for me. quick! only got less than 18hours left! =(

hopefully i'll be able to keep my lil secrets safe to save my ass from much screwing. i promise i'll quit ciggs if i make it through this! cross my heart! !!

oohh... on a happier note, aunt gonna take us for japanese buffet lunch at Marriot Resort tomorrow! YAYY!!!

yumss! (this was from senjyu though)

the thought of fresh raw oysters and juicy salmon slices itself is making my mouth salivate. =)''''

will definitely go crazy on the sashimis =DDD wheeeeee...

time to sleep d!
oh btw, did i mention i got new ponytail wig?=)

love, viv.

p/s: remember pray for me weeyyyyy!!! nitez =D

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