Sunday, August 1, 2010


weeheee. friday night's outfit for work. gorgeous trench coat by SUB over leopard prints with 4inch pumps =D

i have not been the most efficient blogger but tonight i'm in a super good mood and since broadband is being nice to me, i shall bomb you people with my 'eventful' saturday =)

got up 'early' today at 2pm considering that i slept at 6am okayyyy. =) got dressed and decided to go to OneU for tea/dinner and buy some groceries.

ended up. no groceries but a gorgeous new PARIS HILTON bag!

LOVE! crazy crazy love!
fell in love with it about 2months ago but i 'conveniently' forgotten about it until i walked past the shop today. and saw it on 40% OFF!!!! *smiles and grins widely*

lesson learnt: always WAIT because great things are bound to come along =DDD

oh, and i went for a lil mani and pedi treatment since my fugly leopard print nail art was peeling already. did it at RUSSELL, oneU. its actually a hair saloon which also provides mani and pedi services located diagonally opposite NailParlour who were too stuck up to do my nails =.=

gorgeous much no? feminine lil white flowers over dark purple hues.

close up =)

oohh. and matching lil toes =DDD

off for late lunch/early dinner at:

CHILIS =) love! TGI fridays is overrated, Chili's is the real shit =)

must have signature CHili

nomnoms tostada chips. but not recommend unless you got a party of four and above, if not, you'ld be too stuffed to enjoy your main course =(

superrr yummy cajun ribeye steak!

nom noms mushroom cheese burger. honestly, i'm not a big fan of burgers, but THIS, is awesome! the mushrooms especially. smell and taste crazy good =DDD

off for bbq party with coursemates at Tiara Damansara in conjuction with darlin Will's bday.

super cute pic of birthday boy!

obligatory group pic!

us girls =)

okay, now somebody applaud me for my efficiency of updating my almost-dead blog right after my day ends.



xoxo, viv.

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