Thursday, August 5, 2010

prawn mee!

man. had been so long since i had this. and i finally had it for lunch at this prawn mee cafe in kepong today! so damn gooooodddddd =DDD

camwhore while otw to work last night.

on a random thought, there's this competition we're having at the club, happening every wednesdays. winners get RM300 cash voucher and a bottle of JOSE CUERVO tequila. (go google it if you dont know what is it).

the thing is this.

you have to down. 6 shooters. and one fucking jug of beer. and the person who does it the fastest wins!!

for the record, the fastest person so far was 1minute and 14 seconds. HOLYSHYTTT!!! and he did not puke?!? 6shooters and a jug of beer.

damn these fucker can really drink. FHL.

but you obviously dont have to beat that record, just need to beat the other 5 contenders. (average about 3mins)

honestly, if i didnt have to work, i MIGHT go for it. after all, you're talking about rm300 cash voucher and a whole bottle of tequila = rm600 worth of prize weyy! if you dont win anyway, well.. you still had drinks on the house right?? i'm not encouraging people who CANT drink to go for it, but if you can, why not?

if you dont win, at least now you know your limit?

on a second thought though, i might not go for it. 6shooters? no problem. even 12 shooters might not quite be a problem.

the BIG problem is the beer. it isnt easy to down a whole jug of beer really really fast because you'll have soooooooo much gas in your tummy, its not easy to control and keep it down in your tummy before you throw up. BADLY. maybe i'm just not a beer person =D

anywayyyy, last night's dinner before work.

located at gardens mall, third floor. opposite sushi zanmai.

while waiting for food. (weehee, i adore good photographers =D )

hate their table arrangements though. the tables are located tooo close to each other. the next table is only ONE FEET AWAY. which makes it really AWKWARD to have private conversations and not have the person next to you eavesdropping. even eating itself is awkward =.=

and we were seated at this table by the glass partition. so i seriously felt like a fish in an aquarium. you have people walking by staring at you eat. wtf.

there was this little girl who RAN all the way and pressed both her hands on the glass where we were sitting and pushed her face on it to stare at him. it was so crazyyy FUNNYYY!!!!

i couldnt stop laughing but come to think of it, i seriously felt like i was in a zoo or underwater world or something where the kids would run all the way and press themselves against the glass to stare at the fishes, point and shout out loud ''mommy, mommy look! the fishes are so cute!" FML.

so if you do go, hopefully, you wont be so unlucky to be seated by the glass partition. oh, and note that it gets really crowded during dinner time. i once had to wait in line for about half an hour just to be seated. wtf. so go early to beat the diners.

MUST-HAVE sweet potato balls!

yumyum =)

fried mushrooms with chili powder.

his beef and green onions set =) nomnom.

my steamed fish with pineapple and sweet bean set. two thumbs up!!!

every set comes with 3 types of appetizers (sour vege, wanton, and yongtaufoo), a main course (mine was steamed fish), a bowl of rice with some minced meat, and a bowl of supergood double boiled soup! very worth it for rm19.80 per set.

and you can definitely rest assured that your food is not served cold. as you can see, the main dishes are normally served in a lil wok on small stove thingy so that you can enjoy piping hot food =)

to end this post, i shall bomb you with some pictures of my baby.

sigh. i just love him so much. to his little bits.

but i just hate his barking and enthusiastic ways which annoys me to no end especially when i am about to go out. *rolls eyes* going out is always a pain because he will bark non stop, start biting my toes and pulling on my dress/jeans and get so over-excited jumping and running up and down at the first hints that i'm leaving (like when i start dressing up and make up in front of the mirror). sigh.

how in the world can i make him stop it?!?

mad LOVE! so cute!

hah! toytoy say bluekk!

oh. and i used to need to use treats to bribe him to smile and pose for the camera. but lately, he has such big ego. which really is a good thing, because all i have to do is praise him, HANDSOME BOY and he would happily pose for the camera.

awwwww... =D


love! you know mummy LOVES you so much!

thats all for now peeps. out.

xoxo, viv.

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