Wednesday, September 29, 2010

awesome weekender

broadband is suddenly being nice to me, so yeah, quickly upload pictures before it changes it's mind. all the pictures of my weekend with sister are unedited and completely random because i'm in such a rush to upload them before broadband slows down T___T

outfit of the day
tank top under low-cut striped casual dress under trench coat by Sub with black tights and neon pink slippers T____T

testing out camera's self timer function =)

flying coaster yay!

spot me!


soup dumplings
there's a reason why they call their dumplings the best shanghainese dumplings in the world. it is as good, if not better, than that of Dragon-i. but it tastes substantially different. dont know how to explain, you really need to try it out and you'll know.

beancurd with prawns and scallops
ordered this by mistake because i was actually trying to recall an amazing dish i had there the last time and failed miserably. this obviously wasnt the one =.= plus it was too oily to my liking.

prawn fried rice.
the prawns were AMAZING. crazy fresh! so juicy, sweet, and perfect bouncy texture. noms. the fried rice was nothing to shout about.

roasted beef stripes
blehh. didnt like it because the meat was really dry and the sauce was bland.

creme brulee frappuccino on the left which tasted really weird. T__T
good ol chocolate frappuccino. all time fav!

people watching. excuse my retardedness, i was freezing really T___T

ironic how i used to always go to sunway for shopping and drinking for the past two years, but never stepped foot in the lagoon despite how much i wanted to go =.= so yeah, i was really excited.

sister and bf

the only picture i have since i was too excited that once we got in, i quickly got a locker nearby and chucked all my things in, not knowing that it was completely unnecessary. next time i go, i would play all the 'dry' games of roller coasters and amusement rides first before getting wet at the water park. missed out so many picture oppourtunities because i left my camera in the lockers near the entrace. fml.

there are two options of tickets, the normal ticket of rm60 which allows you on rides at the water park, amusement park and wildlife park. water park, is obviously water park of the usual wave pools, water slides and stuff. amusement park is where the rides are. wildlife park is like a mini zoo. we opt for the ALL PARK TICKET since it was only rm15 difference ie rm75, and allows you into two other parks being the Scream Park and Xtreme Park, which is very very worth it.

Scream park is basically simulation of a haunted house. you know, lots of props and characters and stuffs. quite worth it really if you enjoy scaring yourself T__T i obviously closed my eyes throughout half of the park and opened just to see the 3D path which was really nice =) Xtreme park consists of lots of extreme games of Atv vehicles, go-karting, flying fox, bungee jumping and stuff like that. but due to time constraint, we did not manage to go on any. bungee jumping costs rm50, so perhaps next time. but we queued for the flying fox route for like half an hour although there were really only less than 15 people queing and were left disappointed because it started to rain. dang! i really wanted to go on that ride. =(

otherwise, the crowd at lagoon was just nice, no insane queues. did not wait for more than 5mins for other rides(even the roller coaster) although it was a sunday. it rained around noon, but we were still allowed on the water slides. had to leave early to send sister and bf to train station, but it was an awesome day nevertheless. i wanna go again!!!

sunday movie night

very realistic drama about how money makes the world go round and how it drives people to do evil for their selfish wants and needs, to even sacrifice their family and people they love for material things money buys. to me, it was just a 6/10 kind of movie. not overly exciting yet pretty unpredictable. do know that it is a lengthy movie of almost 2 and half hours though.

dinner at One U

the thing i hate about all these so called 'premium dining' is queing which really turns me off. wanted to go and have Chilis but the queue was like nobody's business. ftl. got aunty jump queue also so i was extra pissed. grr. sushi zanmai also another one. forever got people queue one! got so nice to eat mehh?? grrr..

i was not happy that we had to queue, IN A LINE, for like 10 minutes despite only two groups of people in front of us, just to get a table. that is exclusive of the time you need to wait for your food while seated at your table. sigh. at least provide waiting area for people to sit or take down people's names and give approximate waiting time so people can go shopping at the meantime la. seriously i'ld rather go to a place where i get proper decent service since you pay so much for a simple dinner anyway, and yet get treated like unwanted puppies


SALMON SASHIMI. as usual. i suppose it was past dinner hours, so it was as fresh as i wanted it to be anymore. still beats lousy sashimi by Sushi King, anytime, hands down.

CHAWANMUSHI. as usual. still prefer Senjyu Sushi when it comes to chawanmushi.

Unagi. =)

Yaki Udon
fried udon. first few bites were good, but it tasted rather bland afterwards.

Sushi platter.
dont like. i'ld rather order seperate small plates of sushi which i really want to eat instead of sushi platter which consists of many sushis i dont eat in the first place, just for the convenience of having an assorted platter.

Ika teriyaki.
lousy as shit. nothing beats Senjyu when it comes to their grilled squids. Zanmai ones are really dry and tough. bleh.

Oyako Don
traditional chicken and egg rice with some sweet sauce. i personally think that the sauce wasnt enough. everyone knows i cannot eat dry plain rice, so i wouldnt even bother trying to swallow rice without sufficient sauce.

i know, we over order, everytime T___T

overall, i had a great weekend. eventful one that is since all my weekends lately consist of a pinch of shopping, a chunk of work, a bit of drinking, lots of sleeping in and staying home slacking. =) hope you guys had a great one too. that's all for now, cheers =)

to awesome chawanmushi =)

xoxo viv

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