Friday, September 10, 2010

happy holidays =)

holidays are treating me pretty well i suppose? tv/dvd. sleep tv/ on the phone.sleep. how 'eventful'.

havent been sleeping very well though. just yesterday i had this CRAZY dream of the close people in my life all out plotting and attempting to kill me. like wtf?

having a lot of deja vu's also. still fascinates me whenever it happens.. but i read up that deja vu leads to serious psychological problems of extreme anxiety, schizophrenia that kind of crap? wtf.

ah well. but other than that, life, at this point is so predictable, stable and boring. @_@

i know, i'm such an ass. when life is full of events, complicated and unpredictable, i always break down and cry just for a moment of peace, for my life to slow down a bit. now that it is, i whine non stop for it to pace up.

nevermind. i suppose i could use this break? two weeks would be just perfect.

anyway, since my usb/bluetooth function in the pc is still not functioning, cant upload any pictures AT ALL. just gonna settle with this gorgeous picture lifted off Mist Club's facebook page.

mad love <3

gonna go back to pulling my hairs out of frustration of the stupid yet really addictive HotDogBush game. =)

love, viv.

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