Saturday, October 16, 2010

the longest yard

i ran today. very very very fast. the fastest run i ever ran for as long as i can remember.

no its not part of my diet plan wtf. i was actually chasing a train. literally.

i was supposed to take the 2pm train from kl sentral back to ipoh. this was chronogically what happened.

12. 00pm : finally woke up after snoozing for an hour
12. 32pm : dilly dally waste time and made 'breakfast'
12. 47 pm : try to make toytoy get into his bag
01. 03 pm : left the house
01. 07pm : got into the car
01. 12 pm : dropped toytoy off at the pet hotel
01. 35 pm : slow traffic at federal highway
01. 40 pm : stuck in jam along brickfields
01. 47 pm: stuck behind slow driver
01. 50 pm : reached kl sentral compound
01. 52 pm : heart pounding crazy fast while drove around building
01. 54 pm : reached kl sentral's main door and RAN to ticket counter
01. 55 pm : reached ticketing counter, jumped queue and begged the girl to sell 2pm ticket to me
01. 56 pm : girl over counter refused to sell. telling me that i would not be able to make it for the train. i insisted in buying and she told me about the risk i was taking which was if i could not make it, i would not be able to refund my ticket or change it.
01. 57 pm : contemplated and thought about it. insisted in buying. girl quickly printed me a ticket as announcements making last call for the train were made. grab my ticket and change, and RAN. seriously one hell of a run. trying to push through a thousand people, and rushing down two flights of slippery steps in my flip flops trying to be real fast without falling on my face.
01. 58 pm : reached the bottom of the stairs and realized that it was F coach end. mine was A. fml. RAN from one end of the train to another. while i reached B, train whistle was blowed. i quickly jumped in.
01. 59 pm : found my seat. sat down with a heave of relive and wiped off cold sweat. COULD NOT FIND PHONE. frantically searched bag and contemplated off jumping off train already cause i cannot possibly go back without my phone. stood up from seat
02. 00 pm : last whistle was blown. train departed. start to panic and prayed hard phone is in my bag
02. 02 pm : found phone tucked in a deep corner of bag.

FML REALLY. it was the most KAN CHEONG 5mins in my entire life.

seriously taught me a lesson to not do things last minute anymore. but i bet i'd be back with my procrastinating last minute ways in no time. T____T

it's all good now though. back safely in ipoh for the weekends. in fact, right now as i am typing this, i'm waiting for Apps to be downloaded into iTunes and helping DAD to syncronize his iPhone 4. who said dads are outdated? mine definitely isnt.

oh, and

yesterday in the car after work, L was telling me to help him burn some songs into some CDs listen to. i was tired already and complaining why he could not wait till the next day and had to do it in the wee hours (it was almost 2am already). i complained and complained and whined and whined until the cows came home, sulked and reluctantly said i would do it.

he told me to grab his bag and take the "empty Cds" out from them. no empty Cds,

but this was what i found.

i was REALLY SUPRISED. and felt like a complete asshole. ( i know i am). but in my defense, why cannot just give me like that and make it real simple suprise? must make up story and annoy me then kaokao suprise me =.= okay i should not have whined over little things so much cause now i sound like a spoilt brat.

dont know what i did in my previous life to deserve good karma. i'm a pain in the ass and a horrible person but got many people tolerate me and treat me nicely and still so patient with me somemore T____T *so touched wtf*

but anyways,

awww... thanks~
xoxo, viv

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