Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jcard day. sunday at sunway.

cant believe a year had actually passed since the last Jcard day where i went with Will right after class where i braved the thousands of people and bought some shirts and stuff at great discounts.

this year around, Jcard Day was on a Wednesday and Thursday. they offered rm10 vouchers for every rm100 spent. which meant additional 10% off the existing discounts. i went on tuesday night to try on swimwear and clothes which i would wanna buy since this time around, i knew that it was impossible to try on anything at on on Jcard day considering the ridiculous amount of people.

dropped by on Wednesday night before heading to Library for drinks and bought a couple of Ogival bikinis dunno for what wtf since i wont wear anyway but they are just too pretty to pass. 10% off the original rm159 per piece. which came up to almost rm290. got myself two rm10 vouchers.

went the next day with L, and bought luxury hotel standard bedsheets for the new house, which cost a BOMB! the price for comfort. ah. and a handy Philips steamer for healthy cooking. more like convenient cooking since i'm always so lazy to cook up a proper meal wtf.

and we got ourselves NINE freaking rm10 vouchers! madness.

and people say we save money during sales?

i am hopeless when it comes to controlling my impulsive buying. thus keep me away from mega sales, warehouse sales, year end sales, whatever it is to do with discounts and crap like that cause i tend to spend gazillion times more on things i dont need and will never use or wear just because i am too 'kiasu' to miss out or pass on a good offer. fml.

went to Sunway Lagoon again on Sunday with colleagues.

awesome despite tiring day since most of us only slept for a couple of hours after work on Saturday night and reached at 10am. wtf. so happened it was Sunway Family day and there were some odd 13k people inside by the time we went in past 12pm. wtf. talk about mad crowd of families and tons of kids running around and crazy long queues on everything!

*pulls hair out of frustration*

at least i got on the Flying fox this time around. =)

have not gotten the pictures, so the only pictures to be posted are 'post-fun' pictures taken at the Surf Beach while waiting for the rest to be done with shower.

pictures taken with my SonyEricsson Satio 12mp.

Pictures taken with Nokia N8 12mp

so clear and much better quality wtf. but Cheat One cause use flash. hmph.

we all went for foot massage at Zouk Spa Sunway afterwards.

(R&G Tours And Travel Sdn. Bhd.)

No. 15, Ground Floor,Jalan PJS 11/28B,Sunway Metro,Bandar Sunway,

46510, Petaling Jaya,Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Tel: 03-56380369

(opposite Sunway Resort.)

the concept was theater-like where there were huge ass really uncomfortable chairs in front of a projector screen.

masseurs were Chinese. not Malaysian chinese, but authentic China people which was REALLY FRUSTRATING cause i couldnt understand shit they were talking. if only their massages were as good as the authentic ones i had in China. wtf.

i was soooo wrong.

massage was half hearted. the girl was simply just pressing her knuckles along my feet and rolling them back and forth repeatedly. it was horrible. there was no effort on her part, no strength no nothing. it was even reflexology cause she did not massage the vital points on my feet and crap like that.

and they kept pestering us to add this add that. if you dont want to add, then they will make faces and make you feel like you are this horrible person who would not fork out more than the basic rm40 for a massage.

i did an rm30 foot scrub to exfoliate my dead skin and smoothen my cracked heels. and i was given a deep cut on my toe which hurt like mad when i walked or when it was wet. she did not even apologize or made effort to not hurt it further, instead rubbed more lotion on it which stung like mad. wtf.

damn it. and and they seriously cheat you of your massage time. i know all massages dont give you full massages of exactly 60mins or 90mins. i started at 7.10pm by the time the foot soak and everything, it was 7.15. foot scrub took some time until around 7.45pm. massage started soon enough and by 7.25, i was done. wtf? fucking paid for 1hour massage and all i got was shitty 40mins of half hearted crap.


definitely not going back. and please dont patronize that branch. ever.

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