Sunday, October 17, 2010

saturday night with family

disclaimer: this picture is stolen from motormouth as i completely forgotten about taking pictures then.

this was where we went for dinner tonight.
No. 6, Persiaran Green Town 6,
Greentown Business Centre,
30450 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel: 605-242 8332

everybody knows am a huge fan of jap food =) the place is pretty quaint, dimly lit with separate seating areas for diners. quite an impression it made on me cause i love nice comfortable diners. two thumbs up.

since i am still on a 'strict' diet, i ordered salmon sashimi and chawanmushi for myself.

salmon sashimi. rm 25.80

although they serve it really prettily in a lil boat with lots of zucchini and raw white carrots, i still think it's overpriced wtf. rm25.80/7pieces! pricey much if compared to other japanese restaurants and relatively ipoh standard of food. damn it. especially the chawanmushi. ridiculous i tell you. rm6 for super small serving without much meat, didnt taste exceptionally good anyway. T__T

Yaki Udon or fried udon which mum ordered. rm 13.80
dont understand why their Yaki Udon is so wet and soggy. hm. not to my liking.

daddy and mummy
Mixed Tempura with prawns, veges and fish served with sweet soup base. rm 19.90. *gasp* expensive much! didnt taste it but mum loved it still.
dad ordered some japanese fried rice for rm13.80, did not taste it also cause it really looked like rm4 fried rice from coffee shop T___T

me with the skewers (which tasted rather bland) and loads of colourful foods on the table
quail eggs rm 2.50, gyu (beef) rm 5.30, buta (pork) rm 4.90

excuse the low quality of the pictures. iPhone is completely hopeless when it comes to taking decent pictures. iphone 4 is as bad despite having 5mp with flash capability which was impossible to work with. aih.

might not go back to the place, but i suppose it fulfilled my cravings for jap food. at least for now.

on a side note, i was really disappointed because one of my reasons of coming back to ipoh was to get my nails done. just to refresh your memory, manicures/nail art/ pedicures in ipoh are really cheap. remember my last rm18 nail art? dang. i went there after dinner but apparently they were not going to take anymore clients tonight since they had their hands full.

sigh. tough luck.

end post with a picture of myself lifted off facebook. taken by hyee =)

xoxo, viv

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