Sunday, November 21, 2010

20th birthday @Home

after four years of blowing birthday candles away from home, i actually went back home for the weekends to celebrate my Big2 with my parents and sister. reminded me a lot of my childhood because it felt exactly the same.

simple yet very warm, heartfelt and blissful <3>

Fruitcake from Aunty Lee
(in case you were wondering who she is, it's actually a rather famous bakery in Ipoh which bakes very yummy cakes and pastries)

we went for dinner at Unique Seafood, Tambun which is located just at Sunway City Ipoh, right next to Lost World of Tambun. although it is rather far from town, apparently it is quite famous among Ipoh folks for their fresh seafood and all.

sister love and i =)

there was this on-going promotion for their "Buy1 Free1" Abalone Set Dinner @ rm68. we thought it was quite a deal, so we decided to give it a go.


seriously. dont ever go for it. you'ld be very much disappointed.

first up was,

Abalone with mushroom and broccoli.
the abalone was TINY. and of very very low quality. hell, it wasnt even chewy.

goofy picture =) but i like how my eye makeup that night. *grins*

Next was,

'Shark Fin soup'
low quality shit. but there were a bit of crab meat thrown in though.

Third was,

Thai-style Fish Fillet
fish was not exceptionally fresh but i suppose since it was fried, it covered it's flaws. sauce tangy and sour, not to my liking.


Tiger Prawn on a bed of spring onions
prawn was rather fresh but tad too oily for me.

Fried rice to fill you up.
i'm still on no-carb diet, so i dont know how it was.

'Dessert' was a lousy bowl of canned lychees and ice. i didnt even bother to take a picture of it. wtf.

Although i pictured the meal it as 'course dinner set ala wedding dinner style', it really isnt like that. food was cold and bland. service was horrible. they dont even bother to wait till you ALMOST finish your plate before serving the next dish.

while i was still at the abalone, dishes were served up to the prawn already!

imagine the whole table filled with 4 plates of abalone, soup, fish and prawn at one go. that's a total of 16 plates on the table at one time. ftl!

seriously, dont ever go for it. i cant be bothered to explain how bad it was, cause it was simply awful. for approximately rm150, the four of us could have had nicer seafood dinner or anything other than this shit. urgh.

so we had better dinner to make up for it on Saturday night. Jap food it was =)

Jalan Medan Ipoh 8, Ipoh Garden East, 31400 Ipoh
Tel. +605-542880

As usual, salmon sashimi. it was quite fresh. =)

Beef Sukiyaki
beef was very limited and rather tasteless due to the watered down soup base. it's funny that it is categorized under 'Soup' in their menu. isnt sukiyaki's base supposed to be stew gravy instead of soup? funnily sukiyaki in most japanese restaurants throw in beef to enhance the 'soup' taste instead of using the gravy to enhance the taste of the meat like it's supposed to be. ah well.

Deep Fried Prawns with Breadcrumbs
did not try it, but it smelled damn good. =)

Yaki Udon
did not try. *sorry* no-carb diet.

Ika Sugata
lousy. the meat was dry, tough and very salty.

mummy and daddy <3

my usual chawanmushi which was quite smooth despite how average their food are.

End post with camwhore pictures. again. because i got leopard printed top from sister <3

excuse the low quality of all the pictures though. iphones. *smacks forehead and rolls eyes*

have a great monday all =)

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